Spanish Class News

Bienvenidos a la CLase de Español – Welcome to the Spanish Class!

I am very excited and blessed to be teaching Pre-K through 5th and 7th grades this year at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. I am delighted to be part of the language learning experience for your children and look forward to helping them on their journey to becoming excited, motivated, interested and to look forward to learning the Spanish language. My approach to teaching Spanish to the students this year will be with watching videos, singing songs, playing games, working on worksheets, projects and repetition to help the students develop the four basic skills of communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This month in September, the students will be reviewing materials from last year to refresh and re-connect with the Spanish language. They will continue building new vocabulary and phrases throughout the year while consistently working on becoming more fluent in conversational Spanish.


The Pre-K classes are active groups of students who are very enthusiastic about learning new songs in Spanish. They like to participate in reading stories as a group. We have been learning about the weather and colors this month and what Tico tango likes to eat (frutas/fruits).

The kindergarten class has been learning through songs like the good morning song, numbers song and the weather song. We have also been watching videos learning and singing the alphabet with Cosmo, an online video with a dog. You can explore this music with your child on the Basho and Friends website.

First Grade Class

The First grade class is having a great time learning the classroom objects by asking Qué hay en la clase? (What’s in the classroom?). We have been reviewing the weather and the days of the week with songs and videos.

Second Grade Class

The second grade class is having a great time learning 28 vocabulary words about what’s in the classroom.

Every student drew a flashcard of a classroom object and will be able to identify his/her word. We will make a poster for the classroom with all of the students’ flashcards to learn the Spanish names of the classroom objects!

Third Grade

This month, the third graders are working on a book: Read all about me! I am very impressed on how well they are presenting to the class in Spanish: Me llamo_____ (my name is __), Tengo. (I am __ years old) Mi color favorito es (My favorite color is…) Mi animal favorito es (My favorite animal is…) Kudos to the third grade class!

Fourth Grade

This month the fourth grade class has also worked on the classroom objects and made a list of 20 words. Their project was to work in groups of 5 and create flashcards to post them in every grade level homeroom class. The students had a great time working together on this activity. Kudos to the fourth graders in labeling items in the classrooms using Spanish vocabulary!

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders this month are reviewing the days of the week: today is, tomorrow is and yesterday was; and the months of the year and the weather in Spanish. All of this vocabulary is being done in a conversation in which they ask each other about all of the vocabulary mentioned in a conversation.

This year the fifth graders will be given homework on Monday and will need to bring it back on Friday to correct the homework. Homework will be a review of what we are learning in class.

Seventh Grade

The seventh grade class has been working on questions and answers in Spanish. They read the questions and write their own answers in Spanish. Students play Speed Spanish after answering their own questions with their classmates and they have the opportunity to have quick conversations and learn more about each other. We are now working on the present tense of ir verbs and reviewing telling time.

I am so happy to be teaching your children Spanish this year. They are all a very enthusiastic motivated group of children that really enjoy learning Spanish. They all make Spanish learning fun!! Thank you.

Here are some websites for additional practice and reinforcement that they you can use to practice at home:

123 Teach Me

Senor Jordan
New OLG Students
To our new students at Our Lady of Guadalupe School, I will be happy to send out a Spanish handout containing simple phrases, vocabulary review, and activities to practice at home if you are interested. If so, be sure to check your children’s backpacks for this information. These packets do not need to come back to class; they are for the student to keep at home.

This year we will be learning about Latin American culture through art projects, stories, videos and more. If you have any experience relating to Latin American culture and would like to share with the students, please let me know.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like more information about the Spanish department or other resources to supplement the classroom curriculum.

I really look forward for a great exciting year of Spanish with the students of OLG School.


Maria Brodahl (Spanish Specialist)