Support OLG’s School Fund Drive!

Our Lady of Guadalupe School grows because of giving. The investment of hundreds of school families over the years has made OLG an outstanding school and a wonderful community. Please be part of that continued tradition with a pledge to this year’s School Fund Drive!

The School Fund Drive supports four areas of school life: programming or facilities improvement; tuition assistance; teacher professional development; and an endowment investment to ensure a vibrant future. Last year’s School Fund Drive was able to:

  • Launch a full-fledged extracurricular program, engaging dozens of students in drama, chess, literacy camps, tennis and other activities
  • Extend tuition assistance to 35 students
  • Continue building our endowment
  • Send seventh-grade teacher, Shannon Hieger, to the Holy Land, an award for teaching excellence

This year’s School Fund Drive facilities project will be retrofitting the building with new windows and blinds, to replace the original single-pane windows from 1962. New windows will cut energy bills forever, and keep our students comfortable and focused on learning. It’s expensive — $15,000 per classroom. Two grant makers have said they’re interested in helping us, but need to see significant community buy-in first.

We’re therefore counting on every school family to participate in the Fund Drive.

If you have already made a donation, thank you for your support. Your generosity and spirit help to guide our youth into tomorrow and grow the next generation of leaders. If you have not yet made a gift, please prayerfully consider what amount makes sense for your family and pledge accordingly. Your participation will help us meet our goals quickly and economically!
Carrie Morrissey
Our Lady of Guadalupe School
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