You Inspire Them!

You Inspire Them!
In M. Scott Peck’s 1988 book, A Road Less Traveled, his memorable first sentence is ”Life is difficult.” Well, true enough. And part of life for many people is being a parent. In Mathew Kelly’s book, Building Better Families, he states “Parenting is difficult.” Again, true. While both books focus on building personal values and growing mentally and spiritually, Kelly looks more fully at building your inner strength in order to help your children become “the-best-version-of-themselves.” Read more…

Whether you are a parent or not, somewhere in your life there are children. As an aunt, uncle, educator, stepparent, older sibling, grandparent, you have a connection to kids. And, don’t forget, you were a kid once upon a time…

This being said, do we ever stop that striving to become a better version of ourselves? Hopefully not… That striving is so apparent at OLG. While we run along side our children, helping them keep the bike upright, so to speak, WE continue to grow, stretch and mature right along side them. Growing up isn’t just for kids!

Families grow up, evolve, unfold and unfurl as the years go by. Kids learn to listen, line up, tie shoes, read, write, and share space at circle time. Parents take on their roles as DAD and MOM. They support their child through fears and tears, anger, frustration, confidence building, and celebrating successes, all while navigating their own challenges and changes. How have you changed and grown over the years? Are there differences in a job or business? Finances? New house? Illnesses? Aging parents? Are your worldviews evolving? Do you have clear goals and directions, or are plans still formulating? Through all these changes, difficult or energizing, we are not always successful. Yet, we grow, become enlightened, a bit more “bendy.” We do this individually, but more often as families, schools, and communities.

Yes, life IS difficult. As you go, as you grow, so too do your kids. You inspire them! You teach them by example how to communicate, how to maneuver through life’s surprises and disappointments, and how to problem solve and keep going. They in turn, and in time, will inspire others!

I wish you all a safe, blessed Christmas, and a joyous New Year!

Heidi Ehrenberg
School Counselor