Auction Procurement Requirement

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School Auction is the largest fundraiser of the year, making it among the most significant contributors to the school’s operating budget. The Auction is sponsored and lead by the Parent Organization and supported by the OLG community.

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Family Procurement Requirements
Every OLG family is required to do at least ONE of the following:

Donation Deadlines
2024-25 SY Deadline: Cash or Intent to donate are due November 29, 2024 (items themselves are due no later than December 6, 2024).
2023-24 SY Deadline:  Closed  Thank you for your donation!

  • Cash donations:  Many of our vendors require down payments in the fall.  We also use cash donations to put together special auction items for well-rounded offerings.
  • Item donations:  With the many items offered, your on-time procurement ensures we can offer a variety of auction items.  Every item must be logged into our auction system before we can categorize, bundle, market or print. Deadlines also help us keep on top of a very busy planning schedule and keep the team focused.

Guidelines on Donating an Item
Please Ask Yourself……‘Would I buy this item’?
Our goal is to generate the most interest & bidding on Auction items, to result in the maximum revenue for the school and our collective goals.

     Suggested Procurement Items:

  • PNW Trips: Whistler, Clipper Vacations (Victoria), Local Resorts (Suncadia, Seabrook, Quinalt), Vacation Homes (Lake Chelan, San Juan Island, Whidbey Island), Motor Home Rental, Boat Rental, Christmas Tree Lightings
  • Sports, Concert or Special Event Tickets
  • Downtown Hotel Night/s  (combine with theater tickets/music event, etc)
  • Exclusive Dinners with a Chef (eg. Cow by Bear)
  • Adventures: Kayaking, Boat Trip, Zip-lining, Ski passes, Rafting trips, Airline miles, SUP
  • Luxury Handbags or Wallets
  • Wine or Wine Tastings or Spirit Tastings
  • Current Technology: Bluetooth earbuds, speakers, smart speakers, GoPro


Many volunteer opportunities exist (both large and small and many that can be done from home!) Find volunteer opportunities HERE, or contact the Auction Chair. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and understanding during our procurement process and for your direct support in making the Auction a true success.