3rd Grade Home

Hello and welcome to OLG Third Grade!  Let’s start off with some helpful links for our distance learning, shall we?

3rd Grade YouTube Channel

Google Classroom


As we explore this new area of remote learning together I will be implementing some new resources to help our transition. There are many different organizations and communities that have been very generous in opening up their resources to schools and families during this time. I would like to utilize those resources that would best fit our class and lessons. Please keep an eye on your email, I will be sending weekly updates and schedules to assist in during our time online!


Students should be on the following resources daily-

XtraMath  (around 5 minutes)

MathWhizz (around 20 minutes)

Reading 20 minutes a day

Please email me if you have any trouble with your students login.


Additionally, we will be using Kids A-Z as a resource for reading, along with Zoom to be able to connect more with families and students.


Remote Learning

We will be doing a combination of online and packet learning while we are in our Distance Learning Phase. Please log into your Google Classroom and enter the classroom code leu7lpb.  If you need help getting to this page, or are confused as to how to get onto your Google Classroom, please follow the steps on this website Remember, you MUST use your OLG log in to access this page! It will look like an email address, but is NOT a live email (it cannot send or receive emails).

I will be posting a WEEKLY schedule every weekend to the Classroom, and will send out any updates to parent emails.  We will be online every day, so be prepared! Find a nice, quiet, distraction-free (or as close to that as you can manage) location where you can sit and focus through the day.  You will have all of the normal qualities of the classroom, including time for recess, snack, and specialists, but from the comfort of your own home!

I am really looking forward to meeting you all!!