3rd Grade Home

Welcome to the 3rd Grade!

This is the year for exploration and great discoveries!

As a third grader, you will build your literacy skills and math skills to prepare for fourth grade and beyond.  Some highlights in literacy are working on writing paragraphs and summaries, doing research projects, learning about different types of text features, structures and genres  including historical fiction, informational text and poetry. Some amazing themes we explore are the Titanic and Holidays around the World.

We are also keep busy in science and social studies. In science, we work on STEM projects including, build our own mini sleds, build pyramids out of only toothpicks and marshmallows, save a gummy worm from different situations, and so much more. We also solve problems through science experiments related to the FOSS Science Kits.  And, in social studies, we focus on the continent of Africa, we celebrate holidays around the world including Lunar New Year, and we focus on China. In addition, to us exploring these communities, we explore how our lives connect to the communities around us both locally and globally.

In math, we focus on multiplication and division facts, solving word problems and every day applications that we can apply our math skills to in order to solve problems that we face in real life. We are using the curriculum, Math in Focus.

Check out the 3rd Grade STEM Project!

Keep on Smiling and Discovering,

The 3rd Grade