Library & Technology

The OLG School Library is a central hub supporting our students’ diverse needs. Through our Library & Technology classes, we help students in all grades, learn to find and use the information they need to succeed now and in the future. Thus, our Library & Technology curriculum plays a critical role in helping to create a school culture that supports and encourages reading for pleasure, as well as digitally literate students. Students who have the capability and inclination to read and learn beyond their years at school.

At OLG, the purpose and objectives of the library reflect, support and implement the purposes and objectives of our school:

  • It improves student outcomes, with book collections developed for our unique school community, that enrich reading and learning
  • It is a welcoming space for our students from all ages. Our library is an inviting place that values and includes material relevant for students from different cultures and backgrounds
  • It brings students and information together.
  • It embodies the principles of ‘learner agency’, which means students having the independence to choose their own reading, and to find resources that help them develop their interests and strengths at their own pace

OLG is also committed to the integration and effective use of current and future technology to further the mission of the school. To accomplish these goals, tour Library & Technology Specialist works with teachers and students to assess needs and determine the course by which the advancement of the school’s mission may be aided via technology.

Our Library Specialist works closely with classroom teachers in selecting books, establishing reserve collections, planning visits by entire classes, introducing research skills and resources and evaluating the results, providing research assistance to individual students and small groups on a wide range of topics. Thanks to our on-line catalog, students can get immediate access to the Library resources and request books, while at the same time helping them acquire the skills necessary for computer-assisted research.

Our Lady of Guadalupe students are encouraged to activate a Seattle Public Library card account as early as first grade. Students at a variety of grade levels are learning to access resources available to them from the Seattle Public Library.