Remote Learning FAQ page


Students in preschool through fifth grade are scheduled for library one day each week. Students in the primary grades focus on the love of reading and are participating in the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award process. Throughout the year I will be reading them books nominated for the award and students will get to vote for their favorite book. The final vote from our school will be submitted along with many other schools across the state. The winning book will be announced around the end of May.

Students in grades 4 and 5 are learning a variety or research and library skills which will benefit them as they move into the middle school program.

Our Lady of Guadalupe students are encouraged to activate a Seattle Public Library card account as early as first grade. Students at a variety of grade levels are learning to access resources available to them from the Seattle Public Library.


Students in kindergarten through eighth grade are scheduled for a minimum of thirty minutes of technology each week. Students in grades 4-8 have access to individual Google for Education. Middle school students have access to school sponsored email accounts to be used to communicate with teachers and classmates on assignments.

Digital Citizenship

Students are taught specific grade level skills relating to how to be a good digital citizen. Those skills are reinforced throughout the year as students use the computers to access information for research or to complete cooperative learning tasks.