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2020-2021 Middle School Class Schedule – Classes start 9/8/20

Middle School Distance Learning Plan


Aloha! We are in the middle of inservice week. Today, staff is going over COVID-19 protocols to stay consistent across the diocese while recognizing the specific needs of the OLG community. Tomorrow, you can expect an email from middle school classroom teachers that has some additional information for Orientation Week and the start of classes, including Google Classroom information and Zoom links.


Much is going on as the Seattle Archdiocese has announced that all of its schools will be starting remotely this fall to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please see Mr. Kramer’s 8/13 newsletter for the latest information. Also, see the following link for back to school information.

I’ve been updating the sixth grade website; its essentials are complete – this news page, curriculum pages with overviews and materials, and some info about yours truly. I’ll be adding our class schedule, a resource with Zoom links for students only (parents will receive a separate email), and other useful information.


Please note that the 6th (and 7th) grade sites are under construction as we transition teachers. As of July 24, 2020, the 6th grade home and teacher bio pages have been updated.

Mr. Santos is back! After a year of teaching in Maui, I’m returning to OLG as the sixth grade homeroom and middle school humanities teacher. Here are resources for summer learning:

Summer Reading Assignment Description – Find instructions for the summer reading assignment here. This is due on SEPTEMBER 2.

Free Choice Book Form – Don’t forget, in addition to reading a free choice book and filling out this form, you also need to read Harbor Me and find nine thought-provoking quotes. Before you email me and ask “What is a ‘thought provoking quote?” please click the link above and read the instructions.

NEWSELA – This is an online news platform that we’ll use during the school year for media literacy, current events, and discussion. I will share articles to read and reflection tasks via Google Classroom. Feel free to sign in to NEWSELA with you OLG account. Also, play around with the reading level and pay attention to when each article was written and the source.

Santos Google Classroom Codes – Only OLG accounts, please. Here, you’ll find assignments, supplemental activities, handouts, and resources that you can use to “warm up” for school. We will use Google Classroom extensively during the school year.
– 6th grade – ntfyg5z
– 7th grade – lguclfe
– 8th grade – bi65fc4

Important dates coming up (updated 8/18/20)

***NOTE*** These dates appear in the OLG School and or Parish calendar. All dates and events are subject to change because of the pandemic.

Tuesday-Friday, September 1-4 – Orientation Week. Individual family meetings with middle school teachers.
Tuesday, September 8 – First day of classes; opening day mass
Saturday, September 12 – Band Instrument Rental in the school hall. 10 a.m. – noon
Friday, September 25 – Virtual Jog-a-thon beginning at 12 p.m. (normal school before)