Eighth Grade School Spring Musical

At Our Lady of Guadalupe School, we cultivate students’ artistic interests with enriching electives and after-school activities. The arts are part of our Eighth Grade’s academic requirements to encourage all students’ creative expression, as well as build on skills that will be needed in high school and later in life, such as public speaking, organization and time management, discipline, increased self esteem and confidence, among many others. In addition, being part of a performance as a closing of a student’s Middle School’s journey can be amazing and provide memories for a lifetime.

The Eighth Grade Musical (aka Spring Musical) is a time honored tradition at OLG and it is part of our eighth graders’ Language Arts Curriculum. Introduced back in 2008 by our Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher, JC Santos, it is a wonderful way to grow as a learner and for students to push themselves out of their comfort zone as they produce a shortened version of a Broadway musical. Students get to be involved with the technical elements of producing the musical such as designing and painting sets, organizing props and costumes and more. They will also be the actors, singers, dancers, and chorus for the musical, as participation is not optional.

The OLG Eighth Grade theatre performance and production provide remarkable opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and creativity. Students learn to design imaginative sets and costumes, and inspire audiences through gesture, movement, and speech. Through these activities, students are also building poise and confidence, in addition to an appreciation for culture and community, all of these, life-long learning skills and competences which benefit students’ education and development in countless areas.

Some of the performances our OLG community has been able to enjoy are Aladdin Kids, The Jungle Book Kids, Cinderella Kids, Aristocats Kids, Willy Wonka Kids, The Lion King Kids, Seussical Kids, Music Man Kids, Matilda Jr. and many other more.

We invite you to explore the different Learning Connections our students get to benefit from through participation in the Musical.

Our Production Team:

Our annual Eighth Grade Musical is only possible thanks to to commitment and hard work of our Production Team: Choreographer, Nikki Womac; Seventh Grade Homeroom & LA and Humanities Teacher, JC Santos; Middle School Math Specialist, Ms. Allie Savio; and Eight Grade Homeroom Teacher, Mr. Casey Loose.

Support the OLG Spring Musical!

Your donations help us keep our Spring Musical a zero-cost event. And if all costs are covered, any additional donations would allow us to make some upgrades or improvements to items such as sound equipment, lighting, props or many other elements that help make our show an annual favorite! Donate through the link below.


Don’t forget! Our Spring Musical Snack Shack!

There are also other delicious ways you can help support our Eighth Grade Musical! Click on the image or link to a look at the dates when our SNACK SHACK WILL BE OPEN! Stop by, grab a snack and support the arts at OLG!