Honor Band

Middle School Band students are also encouraged to audition for the Honor Band, a performance group selected from the eight schools that participate in the School Band program.

The Honor Band is structured to cover ensemble concepts, facilitate more articulate technique, and teach fundamentals of each instrument and over all ensemble skills. These students exhibit strong music-reading/sight-reading skills, quality tone production, technical facility on their instrument, and eagerness to perform difficult music. Students in this group show a robust interest in playing and performing at a high level.

Honor Band rehearsals take place twice a month starting in February. The band performs at the Festival, Kennedy Catholic’s Instrumental Spring Concert and does a day tour to elementary schools in the program.

It is truly a unique opportunity for students to participate as they not only get to be part of a select group of band performers, but they also get to show everyone the joy of making music and are an inspiration for their peers at each one of the eight schools they visit during their performances.

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