Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work, and life success.

At Our Lady Guadalupe School, we use a variety of tools to provide social-emotional learning (SEL) opportunities for all students. SEL is an important part of education and human development. It is the process through which we learn to identify our emotions, express emotions in healthy ways, maintain relationships, gain empathy, develop self-identity, so much more!

Research done by the Committee for Children shows that SEL helps improve kids’ academic performance, curtail bullying, reduce dropout rates, and build character. 

Check out this video that describes the research supporting the benefits of participating in an SEL program.

Second Step

The primary SEL program we use at OLG is Second Step, curriculum for Pre-K through 8th Grade developed by the Committee for Children, a global non-profit based here in Seattle. Second Step provides us a holistic approach to SEL and common language that is used school-wide. As students progress through the grade-levels, so too does their SEL learning. For more information on the importance of SEL in school and the research behind the Second Step curriculum, check out the Committee for Children’s Promoting Academic Achievement Page.

Kelso’s Choice

Kelso’s Choice is a conflict management program designed to increase a child’s confidence, prevent bullying and help students identify when they can resolve issues on their own and when they need an adult to intervene. Developed by school counselors, the program operates under the belief that each child is smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflict. A proven tool for elementary aged students, Kelso’s Choice is used primarily in grades PreK through 4th and reviewed in older grades. This is an important tool we use during recess, to mediate conflicts in the classroom and in Family Groups, and that we build upon in the problem-solving unit of Second Step.

Ms. Kim Brunskill
School Counselor
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