Bulldog of the Month

Each month, Our Lady of Guadalupe School recognizes one student from each grade, who particularly excelled exemplifying one or more of our school’s learning expectations (SLEs):

  • A Faith Inspired Catholic
  • A Life-Long Learner
  • An Active Member of the Global Community
  • A Confident and Resilient Individual

Thus, teachers and staff focus their attention on students who demonstrate the selected behavioral expectation for the month and nominate the ones who they consider deserve to be specially recognized.

While many Student of the Month programs are designed to recognize student achievements in academics, athletics or exemplary character traits, at OLG, we understand that not all students may have the resources and support to shine through as all-stars in these more traditional lanes. This is why we focus on recognizing the OLG student’s expected behaviors, their effort, perseverance and interest, in balance with concrete results and academic performance.

Our Bulldog of the Month Program, in addition to recognizing the hard work of our students, it also focuses on teaching them that it is ok if they happen not to be awarded special recognition in a specific month or even throughout the year as, in life, it often takes time before our work pays off or be recognized. And that the most important reason to be a faith-inspired, a life long learner, a global citizen, and a confident and resilient individual, is for them, for their family, their community around them, and for God. Our students are taught that if they do good things in this world and expect nothing but a kind heart beating in their chests, it is more than enough.

Bulldog of the Month Focus SLE Calendar:

  • September:  A faith-inspired Catholic
  • October:       A life-long learner
  • November:   An active member of the global community
  • December:   A confident and resilient learner
  • January:       A faith-inspired Catholic
  • February:     A life-long learner
  • March:         An active member of the global community
  • April:            A confident and resilient learner
  • May:             A faith-inspired Catholic
  • June:            A life-long learner

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