PreSchool and Pre-Kindergarten

Joining OLG’s Early Learning Center means becoming part of a vibrant, caring community. At OLG we love what we do and find magic in watching children grow and learn. We care deeply about assisting children to move through each developmental stage towards kindergarten and beyond.

OLG School has been helping children to develop and reach their full potential for over 60 years. We would love for your family to become a part of our special community.



Three year olds are full of wonder and spend a lot of time watching, observing, and imitating. Their imagination is working at all times. They are particularly interested in perfecting their fine motor skills that they once found it challenging when they were two years old. A three-year-old loves to pour, mix, mash and squeeze. Hopping, climbing and skipping are activities that the child loves to practice and are incorporated into everyday activities. One of the favorite words during this period is asking “why?” Three year olds want to know what causes the events around them. They will also learn to listen to the explanations of others with interest. Thus, our PreSchool program creates an environment where children are learning to work, share, and communicate together, while engaging in a variety of early learning activities.

Get a better idea of our PreSchool program by checking out a sample schedule of activities at our A Day in the Life of our PreSchool Student page.


OLG ELC is committed to providing an excellent education that meets each student’s interests, abilities, and needs. It promotes an appreciation for diversity in our community as an integral part of school life. We challenge each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity and curiosity. With a sense of responsibility toward others both within the school and in the community. Thus, our Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program incorporates a Learning Without Tears curriculum along with other academic skills and concepts. Our Learning Without Tears curriculum seeks to ensure that the path to student success remains simple and fun. It allows us to provide child-friendly, hands-on, innovative instruction for early learning and handwriting.

Get a better idea of our Pre-K program by checking out a sample schedule of activities at our A Day in the Life of our Pre-K Student page.

Children in both Preschool and Pre-K have Art, PE, Spanish, Library and Music Specialists.  Students participate in plenty of outdoor play.

Age eligibility:

  • Students entering PreSchool must be 3 years of age by August 31st.
  • Students entering Pre-Kindergarten must be 4 years of age by August 31st.
  • All students must be fully potty trained before August 31st in order to be considered for enrollment.

Kindergarten Transition

Pre-Kindergarten students will interact with the greater school through field trips, assemblies and special occasions. We have a Jump Up day in June so they will be able to familiarize themselves with the classroom, routines and teachers of the Kindergarten. The Pre-K teacher will evaluate the readiness of each child that is birthdate compliant.