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           January                            Pajama Day Fun!



This month the classes have been learning all about Winter, Arctic Animals, Hibernation, Kindness, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many more fun filled activities.

The PreK class had a lesson on kindness and how we could make a difference in our community.

When asked what they could do to be kind they said:

Kai – “Make sure people are safe”

Abigail- “Love all people”

Luca – “Be kind to my friends”

Isabella – “Let my sister help open presents’

Zoe – “Sing together”

Theo- “Love everyone in the whole world”

Maddox – “Help my friends”

Lilly – “Help all people”

Nathan- “Give people cards”

Crosby- “Play together at the playground”

Rae – ” Help my brother if my family is busy”

Lincoln- “Help family make food”

Keagan – “Include everyone when I play”

Nala – “Help my daddy and mommy”

Jude – “Help everyone in my family”