Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Home


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

Thank you for participating in conferences, the teachers appreciate the chance to share and learn about your child. We will be offering conferences again in February.

Due to Covid-19 OLG CYO sports program will be switching their annual Italian Dinner to a take away format. Brightwheel doesn’t support links yet but here it is the info:
Just order and pick up or have it delivered! #night-off

Thank you on all the continued efforts to keeping our community safe.
Looking forward to Thanksgiving, please let me know if you will be traveling out of state. We have policies for returning to school after traveling. The state of Washington is experiencing its third wave of Covid and numbers are high. We want to remain open and safe. Please make informed decisions with our school community in mind.

Illness: remember if your child has a fever, cough or just not feeling well home is the best place for them. This is best practice even before Covid came into our lives.

Picture re-takes are on Nov. 23rd. If you missed getting your child’s picture taken or do not like their picture you can get retakes. The picture on their student ID is the picture that will be produced.

Reminder we will be closed in honor of Veteran’s Day on Nov.11th.