Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Home

Hello Parents,

The first week of school has been a learning experience for all. As we learn to navigate our new space we have a few housekeeping items that may help:

  • Label everything! Water bottles, lunch boxes, jackets, blankets, stuffed animals etc. This way we know it will make it home with you.
  • Medications even topical items such as sunscreen do need a medication form filled out and signed by a doctor. Please don’t leave these items in your child’s backpack.
  • Unless you are signed up for before care, school starts at 8:00. We have staffed accordingly with that information. You may see the teachers in their rooms busily setting up for the day to come! Your child is welcome to play on the playground as they wait with you. A teacher will open the doors and let you in at 8:00.
  • We are desperately waiting for our shipment of mats (that were ordered first week in July!) we know they are on a truck somewhere. As soon as they come we will have a more consistent naptime routine, right now they are having rest/quiet time. Remember to send a blanket and a sheet for their mat; we have baskets in the bottom of their cubbies to put them in.
  • As it turns out it is very hard to heat up lunches, it actually takes a teacher away from the group. Please put heated items in a thermos and the contents will stay warm until lunchtime. We have also noticed some of the PreS children aren’t eating their lunches. We do have a morning snack so we are trying to find a balance between the two.


This summer Mr. Kramer and I said developing this program has been like building an airplane in the sky with so many variables: hiring awesome teachers (we accomplished that), enrolling wonderful families (check), ordering supplies (seemed simple but timeliness on the companies part is a problem), construction (finished on time!) final inspection (not so much). So now it is up to all of us to fly the plane, if we all work together we will be at cruising altitude soon.



Janet McClelland

ELC Director