Extracurricular Programs

Our Lady of Guadalupe school is a community that is passionate about the holistic and growth mind set of each student.  As a result, numerous opportunities are provided for students to further identify and develop their God-given gifts and talents academically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

Student Council allows students to develop leadership and communication skills, as well as learning how to collaborate with others to meet the needs of the student body through several activities. Participation in CYO Sports promotes whole body wellness, skill development, and teamwork, in a community rich in Catholic values.  Our Music Program provides students multiple avenues to express individual voices and talents at Mass, seasonal concerts, musical theater, Chorus, choir, and School Band.  Students can further explore and  participate in afterschool programs, clubs, and summer clubs, of which some are provided on campus.

If you have a busy family schedule already, you may wonder whether extracurricular activities are worth the time and money. Indeed, there is plenty of evidence that enrichment programs outside the classroom boost children’s social and academic skills. Luckily, there are more choices than ever for kids to find a pursuit that may ignite a true passion!

At OLG, each season we offer a wide variety of extracurricular options. Contact the School Office for questions or interest in participating. You can email us or call us at (206) 935-0651.  Some of our past activities have included Chess, Chinese, Art, Theatre, Dance, Legos, Computer Programming, and so much more!

We invite you to take a look at our current offerings by following the links below:

Some of our Extracurricular Activities

in Pictures!