Kindergarten Home

September 18th, 2017

The first full week of school is done! We are working hard on establishing routines such as walking in a line, and raising a hand to speak. There is a noticeable difference from the first day!

Reading – I am continuing to assess students to place them in reading groups. Reading groups should begin on September 25th.

MathUnit 1 Sets and Numbers. Concrete models to create a set with a given number of objects (up to 10.) and workbook pages.

Centers– (continuing from last week) Doll House, Blocks, iPads (math games), Art (shape trees), Listening Center, Play-Doh (letters), Puzzles, Home Center and Games.

P.E. – Every Monday and Wednesday students have P.E. Please make sure to send your child to school in athletic shoes on Monday and Wednesday! If your child is not wearing athletic shoes they will have to sit out.

Writing – Each morning we will have a morning write. At this point in the year it is mostly drawing and labeling. As the year progresses we will add more text. (We haven’t started this yet.) We are charging through our ABC Bootcamp and focusing on one letter per day.

Social Studies – Unit 1 – Families – Who is in a family?

Handwriting without Tears –Each student has a workbook and we will have a daily handwriting lesson.

Religion – Students are learning the Grace After Meals prayer. Please add this to your daily prayers at home to reinforce.

We give you thanks for all your gifts, almighty God, living and reigning now and forever. Amen.

School Uniform – Just a reminder, students need to wear a white shirt, blue pants/shorts. Girls can also wear a jumper or skirt. On mass days students must wear a blue vest or sweater.

Play-dohThank you Nikki Womac, Tennille McCarvel and Laura Ross for volunteering to make play-doh for our class! A fresh batch of play-doh every two weeks would be great. Perhaps you can talk amongst each other and work out a schedule as we will need play-doh for this coming week?

Our first field trip is right around the corner, October 12th. I have made arrangements with Seattle Children’s Theater to see Go Dog! Go! I will send permission slips soon. I’m guesstimating that we will need at least 7-8 drivers depending on how many children each vehicle can accommodate. Please let me know if you are available ASAP and include how many students your vehicle can accommodate.

 Here is a link to the kindergarten Google drive folder. I will add pictures weekly.


Birthdays/Snacks and Class Parties – Bringing a snack/treat for your child is totally optional.  At lunch time we will sing a rousing “Happy Birthday to You!” and your child will wear a birthday crown.

Attendance – Please call the front office and let Shelley know that your child will be absent.

Daily Work Folder and Important Messages – In order to keep important papers and messages safe, please have your child keep a folder in his/her schoolbag.  Please write your child’s name on the folder.  Upon arrival, I will collect homework and papers that need to go home will be placed in the folder.  As the children collect their papers, I will be encouraging them to check their folders for important papers or notes for me.  Thank you for your help!