Our Lady of Guadalupe School offers a developmental and social program for Kindergarten students. Through an engaging and developmentally appropriate curriculum, which incorporates daily activities of play and exploration, our Kindergarten program provides the building blocks of physical, social and emotional development, as well as the basics of language, literacy, thinking and cognitive skills.

Equally important, it provides a bridge from education at home or in PreSchool to education in a more traditional classroom, where children must interact with a teacher, a set of rules and each other in order to learn.

Our Curriculum

At OLG, our Kindergarten curriculum addresses the following areas:

  • Physical development: This is the development of large motor skills, meaning movement of arms and legs, and fine motor skills, or use of hands and fingers. Playing outside and doing physical activities as a class address the former. Puzzles, drawing and other in-class activities address the latter.

  • Social development: This is how a child interacts with others, including working cooperatively, making friends, resolving disputes and other skills. Many aspects of classroom activity will be designed to develop these skills, helping children get along with one another.

  • Emotional development: This helps children understand and manage their own feelings. We help children recognize, talk about, and express their emotions and show concern for others. Likewise, we focus on children’s development of self-regulation, which is being able to manage their feelings and behavior.

  • Language and literacy: This develops communication through reading, writing, talking and listening. Literacy is a major focus in early learning, and particularly in Kindergarten, because these skills are so critical. Students learn to read so they can read to learn in later grades.

  • Thinking and cognitive skills: This encourages students to investigate, make observations, ask questions and solve problems. We help children plan what they’re going to do, encourage them to discuss and think more deeply about ideas, and include them when making decisions.