2019 OLG Auction & Ball

Thank you so much for the great auction!
If you missed-out on this great event, you can still make a donation to the Fund-a-Need!

Our Fund-a-Need this year is focused on supporting improvements to our Science Programs.

Our Lady of Guadalupe School Auction & Gala is the largest fundraiser of the year, making it the most significant contributor to the school’s operating budget. The auction is sponsored and supported by the Parent Organization, OLG Parish, School Commission, parents, students, staff and our surrounding community and businesses.

Our auction theme in 2019 is Masquerade Ball, a black-tie inspired event, with the planning & production stages providing many opportunities for parents to collaborate in support of our common goal of financial contribution to OLG. Our common mission is to further educate our children to realize their individual potential, expand their innate ability to make significant, positive contributions to their community, as well as provide monetary support to the fulfillment of the annual ‘Fund A Need’ focus, and to contribute to our tuition assistance programs.


There are many folks ‘behind the scenes’ that are the glue that brings this entire OLG fundraising night to life each year.
Please pass along your thanks to them, or give a nod when you see them.   It’s a lot of work, time and collaboration.

  • Alder Kuhn
    Julie Marre
    Samm Depue
    Saragh Lamb
    Susie Perry
    Steph Huske
    Laura Wong
    Rachelle Snyder
    Monica Dirks
    Dan Campbell
    Hilary Reeves
    Jori McChesney
    Fabi Prechtel
    Cynthia Granada
    Erin Pedras
    Amanda McAllister
    Cheryl Roubicek
    Brian Callanan
    Laurie & Andy Robbins
    Laurel Audino
    Leslie Rathbun

HUGE Kudos to PreSchool Family Amy + Diego del Olmo for the amazing Wooden Masks + Picture Backdrop they created and donated just for our Masquerade Auction.

Sandra Watson & Our Lady of Guadalupe Auction Committee