Spanish Language Program

It is more thank just learning the language. The Spanish Language Program at OLG is about learning the language as well as the many different cultures of Spanish speaking countries.

At OLG, we understand that even though many of us may have learned -or tried to learn- a language by memorization of vocabulary and grammar rules, languages are actually acquired without relying on the analytical participation of the conscious mind. That explains why many of us never became proficient in a second language despite years of classroom drilling and memorization.

This is why Spanish at OLG is taught in a fully interactive and dynamic way which intends to resemble the natural and intuitive way we learn our own native language. In addition, combining aspects of our Spanish curriculum with other different subjects allows students to discover that Spanish goes beyond the classroom and is relevant in other areas such as art, geography, music, food and so much more.

While our students do learn the many different particularities and rules of Spanish grammar, our focus is on task-based instruction which emphasizes real-life scenarios and allows students to complete tasks in Spanish. Thus, instead of simply asking our students to learn a list of vocabulary words about nature, they can present a news report about the effects of pollution on their local park. Or, instead of watching a video about folk songs in Mexico, they’ll learn the songs themselves and sing them in class.


By seventh and eighth grade, classes are designed to further develop communication skills in Spanish and to make comparisons and connections to Spanish-speaking cultures with the goal of encouraging understanding and acceptance of differences. Life in various Spanish-speaking countries will be also further examined. Correct pronunciation and writing receive an even stronger emphasis. Students learn to express and understand receptively ideas on topics such as common conversational phrases, vocabulary using numbers, calendar and weather, descriptions and likes and dislikes.

Thus, whether our students are in PreSchool, just starting to have conversations or they are eight graders looking to continue their Spanish language journey, our goal is to help students feel comfortable conversing with any member of Spanish-speaking community and becoming independent users of the language.