Spanish Language Program

Hello Parents from OLG,

Wow it is already May. Time is flying by!! It is always a pleasure to teach Spanish at OLG. I feel very blessed to be part of this community and I love teaching Spanish to your children.

Let’s see what your kiddos did for Cultural night — a big Gracias to Maria Gonzales-Bravo for another year organizing Cultural Night for OLG. She asked me to help her by making cultural art projects from some of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries. I was able to work with all the grade levels to make fun art projects that every student enjoyed making and learned a little about the culture of the project.


Pre-K — The Pre-K class shared for Cultural Night worries dolls from Guatemala.  They had a wonderful time creating them and following directions on how to make them.

Kindergarten — The kindergarteners learned about Mayan mask and did a wonderful job creating them and were very excited to share for Cultural night. The mask will be coming home next week. Check your children’s backpack.

First Grade — The first graders learned about the Mayan jaguar mask. They colored a mask of a jaguar and made beautiful designs they created their own designs for their jaguar mask. Next week the first graders will learn a Mayan jaguar dance using their mask. Stay tuned when they come home talking about it!

Second Grade  — The second graders learned about the Aztec gods and they decided to pick the God of Rain, the God of Star and the God of wind. They had a wonderful time coloring the gods with different colors.

Third Grade — The third graders had a fun activity that kept them very busy. They also created Worry dolls from Guatemala. They were so excited to share for Cultural night. Next week they will be coming home.

The legend of worry doll is that you give a worry doll all your worries and then you put her under your pillow before you go to bed and your worries will go away the next day when you wake up.

Fourth Grade — The fourth grade class is a fun and very enthusiastic group of children that really like to learn. For Cultural night they represented the 21 countries that speak Spanish by creating the flags of each country. The flags looked very beautiful because the students worked very hard to draw the emblem of some countries that were pretty complicated.

Fifth Grade  The fifth graders made Migajon from Ecuador this is like clay however it is made with white bread and glue. It was a pretty fun art project to do in class with the fifth graders. They created little figurines like animals, food, baskets etc. they were just being very created.

Sixth Grade The sixth graders task was to make papel picado from Mexico these are banners that are cut with created designs similar to snowflakes and hung with string. The class did an amazing job creating different designs.

Seventh Grade — The seventh graders had to pick a Spanish speaking country and look for a popular art craft from that country most of the students did a very nice creating mask, worry dolls, bottles, molas etc.

Eighth Grade — The eighth graders did an excellent job creating piñatas by first blowing balloons, newspaper flour and water to make paper Mache. The piñatas came out so beautiful. Stop by the Math Lab/Spanish room to see them hanging from the ceiling.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


Señora Brodahl, Spanish Teacher Pre-K to 8th grade