Spanish Language Program


 Welcome to Spanish Class 2022

I am so excited and blessed to be back teaching K through 8th Grade this year at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. I am delighted to be part of the language learning experience for your children and look forward to helping them on their journey on becoming excited, motivated, and interested in the Spanish culture, art, music, food and geography.

My approach to teaching Spanish to the students this year will be learn Spanish in a different and more dynamic way. I will try to teach you in a more natural way, because I know that learning a new language is always complicated and monotonous, that is why we will learn Spanish through songs, stories, fun presentations, where we will interact and speak Spanish constantly taking care to have a good pronunciation.

My goal this year and always will be that you learn Spanish in an active and fun way and in this way achieve a permanent learning process.



Sra. Nofrietta, Spanish Specialist K to 8th grade