Ways You Can Help

Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, alumni, or simply someone who cares about the OLG School community, there are many ways you can get help support our school.

The Our Lady of Guadalupe School Giving Society recognizes and honors those donors who through their extraordinary financial support, commitment and involvement, ensure that the school will continue its mission to nurture faithful life-long learners. We hope you will consider becoming a member and, thus, a core supporter of our school.

Support to our Annual School Fund is essential to the school’s operational budget. Gifts may be directed to the area of greatest need, including tuition assistance, growing our endowment and more.

Our school families, as well as their families and friends, appreciate doing business with members of the OLG community. We have many different levels of sponsorship packages, as well as various a-la-carte options to fit every budget, business exposure goals, as well as your desired degree of commitment to support our school.

Our Lady of Guadalupe School Annual Auction is the largest fundraiser of the year, making it among the most significant contributors to the school’s operating budget. It is sponsored and supported by the Parent Organization, OLG Parish, School Commission, parents, students, staff, and our surrounding community and businesses.

Throughout the school year, there are many other fundraising community events that can allow you to become part of the OLG community and help support the school.

In addition to cash donations, there are some easy ways to support Our Lady of Guadalupe School, just by shopping at your favorite stores! Yes, it is THAT easy! 🙂 Please click HERE to learn how you can direct a percentage of your regular expenses towards our school.

Would you rather give your time? OLG has many opportunities to volunteer. Whether you are an alumni or community member, please look at all our available opportunities or contact us!

OLG welcomes in-kind gifts (contributions of goods and services) such as equipment, computer hardware and software, books, artifacts and art. While in-kind donations are often received from businesses and corporations, individual donors also contribute many types of in-kind gifts. If you choose this way of helping the school, please let us know! And if you are also interested in getting a tax benefit out of your in-kind donation, you can learn more about appraisal requirements HERE.

YES!! If you are not able to help the school directly at this time, do not worry, you CAN STILL HELP US! How? By helping us spread the word about OLG, our students and inviting other to support the school. All you have to do is click HERE to access some tools you can use. Thank you!

Not sure yet what option might be best for you? Would like to just make a general donation for now? That is absolutely fine and so incredibly appreciated! 

Ways to Give:


Please make checks payable to ”Our Lady of Guadalupe School" and mail to:

Our Lady of Guadalupe School
Attn: Director of Development
3401 SW Myrtle St.
Seattle, WA 98126

Debit/Credit Card or ACH

You can make an online donation with a debit card or credit card, as well as ACH through the link below:

Employer Donation Matching

Did you know you may be able to DOUBLE your donation at NO additional COST TO YOU by simply checking if your employer offers a "Donation Matching" or "Gift Matching" program?

YES! Donation matching is a corporate giving initiative in which an employer matches their employee's contribution to a specific cause, increasing the gift. For example, if you donate $50 to OLG (or any other non-profit organization), the matching gift would be an additional donation of $50! Just like that!

Please check with your employer’s HR Department information on how they may match any financial contributions you make to OLG. You may also take a look at our most updated list of companies offering a Matching Funds program HERE.

Questions? Please check out our Gift Matching page to learn more about this fantastic opportunity to double the impact of your support to OLG.

Would you rather speak with someone directly? Our Development Team is always ready and happy to assist!

Endowment Gifts

Gifts to the endowment are cash or tangible property, such as stock, bonds and real estate, that are invested to generate income for a designated purpose. An endowment gift is held in perpetuity and managed by the OLG Finance Council to generate investment income. At this time, all gifts made to the endowment are being capitalized to ensure a sustainable future investment income.

Endowed funds are established for a wide range of purposes, ranging from scholarships, to building maintenance, to faculty professional development and more.

If you are interested in learning more about endowment gifts or establishing a specific endowment fund, please contact Carla Mayuri, Director of Development, at cmayuri@guadalupe-school.org  or call us at (206) 935.0651 Ext. 122

Planned Giving

If you wish to support Our Lady of Guadalupe School through a planned gift, please contact Carla Mayuri, Director of Development, at  (206) 935.0651 Ext. 122 or at cmayuri@guadalupe-school.org

Already included Our Lady of Guadalupe School in your will or estate plan? Let us know.

Interested but don't know where to start?  Learn more on our Planned Giving page and discover  the many ways you can turn your support for Catholic children’s education into action and be an inspiration to others by remembering Our Lady of Guadalupe School in your will, trust or other planned gift.

Gifts of Securities, Stocks or Mutual Funds

Donating securities or stocks are another smart way to support OLG and also receive a benefit for yourself. Stock donations allows donors to avoid both capital gains and state income taxes that they would otherwise need to pay if they instead sold the stock to donate cash. Additionally, donors can claim a charitable deduction for the current fair market value of their stock at the time of donation.

Donating stock also exempts donors from the wash-sale rule, essentially allowing them to repurchase the stock for its current fair market value, reset their shares at a higher cost-basis, and maintain the composition of their portfolios.

To be eligible for a charitable deduction for a tax year, donations of stock need to be received by the end of the year. Because different assets take different amounts of time to be transferred, you should initiate your transactions as early as possible. Consult your investment advisor for details on how donating stocks might benefit you.

Mutual Funds
Very few mutual funds network with brokerage firms. In most cases OLG would have to open an account with mutual fund companies to handle each individual mutual fund gifts. Since the enactment of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, the opening of a mutual fund account has become complicated and time consuming.

If you are interested in supporting OLG through a securities, stock s or mutual funds donation, please contact Carla Mayuri, Director of Development, at cmayuri@guadalupe-school.org  or call us at (206) 935.0651 Ext. 122