Extended Day Care (EDC)

8-26-20 *** Due to COVID-19 changes to our operations, standard EDC programs
are replaced by a limited Day Camp setting.
1-19-21 *** As more grades return to in-person learning, Day Camp & EDC programs have ongoing
modifications to allow for the transition needs of the school.  More details in our return plans here

OLG FALL DAY CAMP = Tuesday, Sept 8th thru Thanksgiving.Day Camp supports remote learning

OLG WINTER DAY CAMP = begins Monday, November 30th. 

This limited Day Camp setting is in place while K-8 is utilizing remote/distant learning.  This page will continue to be updated as more details come to light:

  • Full Day Camp Handbook is here with many more details!
  • Hours of operation generally 8am-5pm
  • Two rooms in use (max 10 children each room, each day)
    — checkin-procedures/temperature/basic questions will be in place daily
    — Siblings will be in the same cohort, but we will also use grade level as a sorting for the two rooms.
  • Cost: $25/day/student for camp supplies/PPE/Cleaning and afternoon snack (provided)… billed through FACTS as an incidental.
  • Bring your own morning snack & lunch.
  • We’ll be outside as much as possible, but in inclement weather we will rotate gym access with the Preschool/Prek classes.
  • Immunization and other school required paperwork must be up-to-date before first day.
  • We are following all protocols and safety procedures as per DOH Day Camps guidelines.

As mentioned in our recent Town Hall, we are limited in space and availability, and thus are considering our most vulnerable and necessary families first in our community needs. We are prioritizing by family needs such as single family income / hardship, those with essential worker status who have no remote work option, and by age level of students.

*** Please contact Laura Joe or Heather Owens if you are interested. ***

EDC (Extended Day Care): 

The Extended Day Care Program at Our Lady of Guadalupe School provides a caring and safe environment before and after the school day. The program includes enrichment activities, crafts, homework time, a snack, games, and physical activity.

For families with early morning work schedules, drop-off begins at 7:00 am, and a simple breakfast is provided. In the afternoon, care is provided until 6:00 pm.  We will follow the schedule for late start in the event of inclement weather.

To attend EDC, please inform your child and your child’s homeroom teacher.  There is no need to sign up to attend on regular school days, however, we do require sign up on half/full day care to help plan staffing.  For information on EDC’s half/full day schedule including a sign up link, check the online parent calendar or recent weekly newsletter.
If you find you are unable to pick up your child from school on time, your child will be escorted to EDC in the School Hall (doors on 34th Ave SW).  For last minute changes to your child’s schedule, here is important contact information:

If you have a day or more lead time or other special concerns, feel free to email us at edc@guadalupe-school.org

For CYO athletes, your coach may pick up your child from EDC as long as the following as been completed by parent/guardian:
  • Communicate with EDC in writing – Release from EDC for CYO sports
  • Communicate with your child’s coach to pick up your child at EDC
  • Communicate with your child with the expectation that they can dress themselves
Kindergarten to 8th Grade

The cost is $6.00 per hour. A fee of $1 per minute per child after 6:00pm will be added to your monthly statement.  An annual EDC registration fee of $30 per family will be applied to your FACTS account.  The EDC is staffed by Laura Joe (EDC Director), Walela, Julie, Karen, Samra, and Megan. Drop off and pick up is on 34th Ave SW at the School Hall doors. More information

ELC (Early Learning Center) Preschool/Pre-K

There is a monthly fee of $40 per month for before school care 7:00-8:00 AM.  There is a $100 per month fee for after school care 4:00-6:00 PM.  Drop off and pick up is in the ELC classrooms.  Fees will be applied to your FACTS account.  Please contact Janet, the ELC Director, for more information.