Hot School Lunch Program

Hot lunch options available for our ELC and Kindergarten to 8th grades, including the popular Pizza Friday.  Children not participating in the Hot Lunch Program may bring a sack lunch with beverage (or purchase milk).  If a child has forgotten their lunch, parents may bring their lunch to the school office to be delivered at an appropriate time (class time is not to be interrupted).  In addition, all students should bring a healthy snack & water bottle for a morning break.


  • Lunches consist of a main item and two sides (sides are usually fruit and veggies or other option that pair well with the main item).  E.g. chicken burger, fresh fruit, pretzels.  Additional items can be added and purchased separately.
  • Order online via Boonli: Lunch Ladies Catering
  • Please review the Ordering Instructions for full details
  • Cut off time for ordering is 7:00 pm each evening for the following day
  • A “large portion” means 2 small servings.
  • Cancellations need to be completed on the parent’s account by 7:00 pm the night before (instructions on main page)
  • You will receive an email on Saturday each week as a reminder of what is on them menu for the upcoming week (Register here)

Questions?  Email Lunch Ladies or call them at 425-444-9573

Pizza Fridays (Most full-day Fridays)

YES!  Pizza Fridays are back!  Order from the Lunch Ladies.

Pizza Fridays continue to be a fundraiser for the Parent Org in 2022-23 school year!  Thank you Lunch Ladies!

Sign Up for then Hot Lunch School Program

Create an Account (use the school code OLG273) and order here: Lunch Ladies Catering

Annual Milk Purchase

  • Offered Monday to Friday
  • 2% Milk is available to purchase annually for every full day of school.  
  • A $60 per child charge will be invoiced to your SchoolAdmin account.
  • Pre-order link for the 2023-2024 School Year coming soon!