Our Strategy and Vision 2025

The school began the Strategic Planning process in 2019 and carried it through into 2020. We called together a diverse, representative group of parents to develop the long-range initiatives. Meetings were held with parents, staff, and parishioners, and after careful listening and review, the initiatives were respectfully handed over to OLG School Staff and the School Commission who adjusted and finalized the plan during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan was reviewed by the School Commission, and presented to the parent community for feedback.

Please take a moment to review our Vision 2025: Strategic Plan and connect with us if you have any questions or comments.

This plan represents a bold vision of excellence for every child enrolled at Our Lady of Guadalupe and we are so excited to continue making Our Lady of Guadalupe School and even better place for our students year over year!

You can also view the document in PDF Format by clicking HERE.