Newsletter March 21st

Dear Families,

News this week:

  • Today we had a Shelter in Place Drill. Afterward, I went to the classrooms and talked with each class who was in the building, and answered questions they had, and explained to them the reasoning and process behind drills such as this. After Easter we will do more drills, including another Shelter in Place, and a Lock Down Drill as well. As I mentioned in my message earlier, while we hope to never need these drills, it’s better to practice them and know them. Just like an emergency brake in your car, you hope to never truly need it, but it’s sure a comfort to know it exists, if you do.
  • This Sunday is Palm Sunday! We hope to see you at Mass to kick off Holy Week.
  • A week from today is our Annual Soup Supper. This is the staff service project. Bring a bowl, enjoy delicious soup! Free of charge, and great community time! Then head to Holy Thursday Mass at 7pm if you’d like.
  • Next Friday, Good Friday, is a NOON dismissal for all. There is no aftercare (ELC OR EDC) on Good Friday. Full Dress uniform for Stations of the Cross. Wear blues.
  • Speaking of Blues and other misc…Continue Reading