Newsletter March 14th

Dear Families,

Happy Pi Day (3.14) to each of you! Today, students, led by our 8th graders, at the direction of Ms. Savio, taught their Family Groups all about 𝞹! Through scavenger hunts, games and interactive opportunities, all of our K-8 students had an opportunity to learn something new, and grow together! Thank you for your leadership, 8th graders and Ms. Savio! Want to know a little more about the most infamous irrational number of all, 𝞹 ? Check out the video, shared here from PBS Kids to learn a little more about Pi!

Congrats also to our Pi Recital Champs in middle school: 1st place: Lena, 7th grade -89 digits, 2nd place: Frankie, 6th grade -70 digits, 3rd place: Eli, 6th grade -50 digits and Other participants: Kellen, AJ, Emmett, and Evi!

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