7th Grade Home

November 20, 2017
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Seventh grade Humanities, SS/Lit:  Continue practicing speech for presentation, using ‘interpretive’ rubric, preformed for a grade after Thanksgiving.  Read for 20 minutes.
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Eighth grade Social Studies/Literature:  Read at least 20 minutes each night, to finish agreed-upon pages for dystopian novel, 1/4th read by Tuesday, Nov. 28.  Independent novel proposal due November 30, project due January 24. 

Sixth grade Language Arts/Literature:  Complete “Fable” poem analysis sheet, writing a poem in whatever format you want, using up all the space provided for a thoughtful pre-write first, due tomorrow.  Read Tuck Everlasting through chapter 17 before tomorrow.  Quiz on new words’ spellings and definitions, and comprehension of novel through chapter 17, tomorrow.  Read for at least 20 minutes each night.  




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Email addresses for letters to Congress:

links to online resources for Victorian England research for “A Christmas Carol”

The following are resources for sixth grade research project on Endangered Species of the Northwest:


The following are possible resources for Catholic Social Teaching research:

Social Studies:

The following are resources for eighth grade humanities U.S. Constitution Web-Quest:


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