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February 14, 2018
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Seventh grade Humanities, SS/Lit:    History research and timeline due Tuesday:  research the historical context of your culture novel (history of the country you have chosen as it applies to understanding the setting of your book).  Using assignment sheet and rubric, and your literature notebook as a resource, complete the necessary research cycle steps.  Chose the ten most important historical events to accurately chart onto a timeline.  The last two items on the rubric deal with your oral presentation of your timeline; be prepared to explain why you think these are the ten most important events, and how they contribute to the world your character(s) live in.  This is intended to be Wednesday and Thursday homework, not weekend homework.   Continue to read section 2 of your independent culture novel, practicing the annotating skills and bookmark requirements; first half of book read by next Thursday.   
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Eighth grade Social Studies/Literature:  Continue working on ‘Expanding Nation’ student-teaching project, presentations continue, using rubric and assignment directions at every step of the process.  Slavery Immersion assignment due February 23. 

Sixth grade Language Arts/Literature:    First, rough draft of your Ancient India research essay due Tuesday.  It should be five paragraphs, the middle three will be long, with one citation.  Use your notebook as a reference for how to I.C.E. a citation, and for Think/Feel closing strategies for the bottom bun.  Be sure each of your content paragraphs (tomato, lettuce, and beef) have a topic sentence and a closing sentence.  (top bun does not need a closing, bottom bun does not need an opening)  Have it printed out onto looseleaf (can be hand-written, typed or a combo) before Tuesday’s class where we will partner revise.  Keep all pieces of this project to be turned in at the end of it together.  

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