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September 22, 2017
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Seventh grade Humanities, SS/Lit: 
Begin writing your adapted screenplay onto looseleaf, considering characters’ points of view, and how you will convey that through dialogue, no narrator!  Screenplay rough draft due Tuesday.  Start researching a world culture (1-2 aspects of ), organizing your note-taking strategically, various due dates.  Use your rubric and ask me questions well in advance of your presentation date.  Read for 20 minutes, independent novel test October 17, bring completed book that day.
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Eighth grade Social Studies/Literature:   
Decision making analysis:  Answer each question completely, following all specific directions to demonstrate your understanding of classroom activities and how they relate to societies, leadership, decision making, etc.  Due Monday.  Get your independent reading history book approved ASAP.  Be reading, finish by end of fall trimester.

Sixth grade Language Arts/Literature:   “Fantasy Bedroom” short essay 1-2 paragraphs, no longer than one page:  After generating a detailed pre-write in your notebook for each of the five senses, put a star by the best details you came up with.  Then onto looseleaf write a description of your fantasy room, using all five senses, making the reader feel as if they are in the room with your vivid, specific details.  Assessed for IDEAS: enough, specific sensory details, and CONVENTIONS.  Remember, this should not be a list of cool stuff, but rather a journey of what it would look and feel like to be in this room.  Due Monday.  Read for at least 20 minutes each night.  Assessment on your independent novel October 18, bring the book that day.




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