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April 20, 2018
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Seventh grade Humanities, SS/Lit:    We will continue the steps of the research cycle on Monday for WA student teaching projects.  All notes (textbook plus at least two other sources per question) due Wednesday morning, and we will begin putting presentations together then.  Presentations will begin Monday, May 30.  Read for 20 minutes. Novel Test Thursday, May 3. 
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Eighth grade Social Studies/Literature:  

Sixth grade Language Arts/Literature:  Bring finished business cards on Monday for our ‘networking’ event.  Check powerschool and check in with all teachers if needed before you leave for camp!

Useful Website Links:

Language Arts:

Etymology sites:

Learning Style Strategies:

Email addresses for letters to Congress:

links to online resources for Victorian England research for “A Christmas Carol”

The following are resources for sixth grade research project on Endangered Species of the Northwest:


The following are possible resources for Catholic Social Teaching research:

Social Studies:

The following are resources for eighth grade humanities U.S. Constitution Web-Quest:


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