7th Grade Home

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Wednesday, June 7, Graduation tonight!
Seventh grade Language Arts:  Novel test persuasive poster due Friday, work on each night this week.  Practice poem for reciting Thursday at poetry cafe. 
Seventh grade Religion:   
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Eighth grade Social Studies/Literature:   

Sixth grade Language Arts/Literature:   Study mythology note-cards and notes for comprehension test on Friday.  Novel Test final assignment given Thursday, prepare and practice to deliver on Monday.

Theseus/Katniss prezi



Useful Website Links:

Language Arts:

Etymology sites:

Learning Style Strategies:

Email addresses for letters to Congress:

links to online resources for Victorian England research for “A Christmas Carol”

The following are resources for sixth grade research project on Endangered Species of the Northwest:


The following are possible resources for Catholic Social Teaching research:

Social Studies:

The following are resources for eighth grade humanities U.S. Constitution Web-Quest:


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Word Processing: