2nd Grade Home


Hello Grade 2 Families!

What a beautiful celebration of First Communion we had last Saturday! Thank you for sharing your family’s faith journey with us. We are truly blessed by the light that shines in each of your families! If you have pictures from Saturday’s celebration that you would like to share, we would love to put some on our website. Feel free to email them to me and I’ll put them on our site. Thank you!

Here are a couple of friendly reminders for this week:

1) Library Cards — Your second grader needs to have a Seattle Public Library card & PIN number to complete a research project on Japan. We are doing the entire project in class, so you don’t need to worry about the project…just the library card (we need to access the Public Library database).
If your child already has a library card, you can either send the card or copy of the card & PIN number to class with your child OR you can email me a picture of the library card number, and write the PIN number (and your child’s name) in the message. Then I can print off the picture and have it available when we need it.
If your child does not yet have a library card, please take some time in the coming week to stop in at a library branch and get a card for your student. It only takes about 5 minutes to get a new card, and then your student will have it available to do a lot of great summer reading. 😉
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the library cards.
2) All-School Mass NEXT THURSDAY (May 16)  at 9:00am — Please plan to attend next week’s all-school mass. 2nd graders are hosting the mass, which means they will be responsible for leading the mass & doing all of the “jobs” during the mass. We are very excited and hope your schedule allows you to join in our celebration of Eucharist!
3) MAP Testing – MAP testing has begun! We did the Math test today and the students did a fabulous job of taking their time and really putting forth their best efforts. Way to go, 2nd Grade! Our next scheduled testing days are next Monday (Reading) and Friday (Language). Our testing sessions typically take place in the morning, before lunch. If your student misses a scheduled testing session, or if they don’t finish a test during a session, we will find time in the next couple of weeks to have them make up/finish the missed/incomplete test(s). Please be sure your student gets lots of sleep and eats a hearty, protein-rich breakfast on testing days. We want their brains to be as awake & active as possible!
I hope you’ve been enjoying the amazing sunshine we’ve been having! God is so good!
Sending lots of blessings and joy to you and your family,
Mrs. H