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Note: The Spelling List for this week is listed under the Files & Flyers tab. 

13 November 2017

I pray these autumn days are filling your heart with joy as the beauty of God rises around us in the colorful leaves and the crisp, blue-skied (and gray, rainy-skied) days. Here are some notes about upcoming activities, and a summary of some of our classroom happenings.

Family Reflection Activities – I have had a few parents ask for simple activities they can do with their children as we continue to prepare for the sacraments. As such, I will be including optional reflection activities in each newsletter that complement what we are doing in class, and that will hopefully give you additional opportunities to share your faith journey with your child.

Activity 1: We will be learning about the leaders of our Church and how they are shepherds and “coaches” for us as we grow in our faith. As such, I invite you to reflect, with your child, on the leaders in our community who have influenced your family in a positive way. Take time to write & send a letter (or card) to those leaders, thanking them for the ways they have been role models and positive influences on your family.

Activity 2: At the dinner table, ask family members to tell about a time when someone forgave them. Ask them how they felt before asking for forgiveness and how they felt after saying “I’m sorry” and being forgiven. Ask family members to tell about a time when they have forgiven somebody. How did it feel to be the one to forgive someone else. Together, say a prayer, thanking God for always loving you & for always forgiving you. Ask God to guide you in your everydayness, helping you to make loving choices, and helping you ask for (and give) forgiveness when needed.

Coming Up…

South America Project – You should have seen information about the South America projects come home last week. I will also post the packet materials on the Grade 2 website under the “Files & Flyers” tab. Students/families will have until the beginning of December to complete the projects. Students will be presenting their projects to the class during the two weeks leading up to Christmas break. I am using SignUp Genius to schedule South America presentations. You should have received an email inviting you into the SignUp for a date/time for your child’s presentation. There will be 2-4 students presenting during each time slot. On the day of their presentation, students will decide who will go first, second, third, etc. during the presentation time slot.

Projects should be kept at home until the day of your child’s presentations. Presentations should be no longer than 5-7 minutes, and students should practice their presentation out loud so that they are comfortable with their information. Students may use any form of notes/notecards to help them during their presentation, giving them the opportunity to read their information (not needing to memorize it). On the day of their presentation, students may bring their projects to the classroom before school begins (between 8:15-8:25am). Please also help your child remember to turn in the Research Worksheet on the day of their presentation (It will become part of your child’s OLG Student Portfolio.) Projects will remain on display at school until we complete our entire South America unit.

I look forward to seeing the creative projects and to hearing what the children have learned about their countries! Let me know if you have any questions.

Sacramental Preparation – Families who are participating in the First Sacraments program, remember to be working on your Together Workbook. You should be focusing on Sessions 2 & 3 during the month of November. Our next gathering will be for the self-guided Learning Centers on Saturday, January 20. The Centers will be open from 10:00am-1:00pm that day.

Dates to Remember:

  • , Nov. 15 – Grade 2 attends daily Mass
  • Mon-Wed, Nov . 20-22 – Mrs. Hoch out of the classroom. I’ll be in Texas so Naomi can see her Grandpa. Mrs. Dedon will be subbing.
  • Nov 20 – “Blue” Monday (wear Seattle sports team “blues”)
  • , Nov. 22 – NOON Dismissal (Thanksgiving break)
  • , Nov. 22 – Charleston Wrap items delivered to classrooms
  • -Fri., Nov 23-24 – NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving)
  • , Dec. 3 – 1st Sunday of Advent Season
  • , Dec. 8 – All School Mass – Feast of Immaculate Conception
  • , Dec. 12 – All School Mass – Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • , Dec. 13 – Christmas Sing-A-Long
  • , Dec., 15 – “Blue” Friday
  • , Dec., 15 – NOON Dismissal (Christmas Break)

Classroom Happenings

Language Arts – We will be finishing our unit on Community next week, and then jumping into our exploration of South America. We will learn how to do “close reading” of literary texts, paying close attention to the characters, setting, and plot within stories. Students will learn how to figure out more about characters by what they say and do (inferring), and recognize how much time passes within stories (setting). Students will be doing “close reading” with Informational texts, as well: using texts & text features to identify new facts, ask/answer questions, and learn meanings of new words. Students will use graphic organizers to write informational and persuasive/opinion paragraphs about South America.

In writing, we are using creative graphic organizers to construct paragraphs about the things for which we are grateful. Watch for those paragraphs in the hallway!

Math – We will be taking a quick look at how to use Bar Models as a tool for solving Real World problems. Students won’t be expected to master Bar Models; we are merely introducing the concept. Then we will move on to Multiplication facts (2s, 5s, & 10s).

Quick Recall Facts –Find fun ways to practice quick recall facts (Top-It, computer games, practice sheets, flash cards, oral quizzes/races, etc.). Students have one minute to complete up to 28 facts. The weekly goal will be for student to get at least one more fact correct each week. The year-end goal is to be able to complete 25-28 math facts (adding & subtracting facts to 20) in one minute. Second graders are creating a bar graph in their Math Journals to track their own weekly progress. You will see graded Quick Recall tests coming home about once a week. The grading scale is as follows:

3 = 25 – 28 correct

2 = 15 – 24 correct

1 = < 15 correct

So keep practicing the Quick Recall facts (adding sums to 20). A great resource for practice pages is the Math Fact Café website (https://www.mathfactcafe.com). Also continue to practice number patterns (counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, & 100s forward & backward to 1,000), especially using trickier starting numbers. For example, starting at 328 and counting by 5s to 428.

Religion – We have been learning about the 10 Commandments and how they help us be good, loving people in the world. Next, we will be learning about our church leaders, and focusing on the parable of the lost sheep. We will learn about the many ways in which God & Jesus love us. and focus on some of Jesus’ miracle stories of healing,. We will tie them into the ways God heals our hearts through the sacrament of Reconciliation. We will also begin learning the Act of Contrition. The goal is to have that prayer memorized by the time we celebrate First Reconciliation in January. In the church on Fridays, we will be learning about how the church remembers our beloved dead during the month of November. We will spend time looking at the banners and the book of prayer for our beloved dead. As we clean the church, we will be praying for all of our loved ones who have died.

When you are mass in the coming weeks, I am asking students to watch for the following things:

  • when a sacristan goes to the Tabernacle right before communion;
  • people who are welcoming (as you walk in the church, as you sit in your pews), and to be welcoming to those around them
  • Jack’s welcome/greeting at the beginning of Mass (“Good morning,” sign of the cross, “The Lord be with you.”)
  • the penitential rite (the “I’m sorry” part of our Mass): “Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.” Also, the Lamb of God: “Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.” We are tying that part of Mass to our home/school life (times when we need to apologize/forgive others), and to the sacrament of Reconciliation.

During these days of autumn, I pray that God fills your hearts with gratitude and joy!

Blessing to you & your family this week!

Mrs. Hoch