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8 February 2018

Happy Thursday, Grade 2 Families!

I feel so blessed to have been part of the beautiful celebration of Reconciliation last weekend. Thank you for allowing me to a part of your family’s faith journey.

Optional Family Activities:

  • As we begin/continue our preparation for First Communion, one activity you could do with your family is to create a Book of Gratitude. The word “Eucharist” means “thanksgiving.” Take time each day to draw and write down one thing for which you are grateful. As you sit down for family meals, share the thing for which you are grateful and talk more about why you are grateful for that.
  • Each day/week, designate 10-15 minutes to sit as a family and talk about the giftedness you see in each other. Name a special gift you’ve witnessed in another family member, and how you see that person being called to use their gift to make a difference in the world. For example: This week I saw the gift of compassion in you when you helped your friend on the playground without being asked to do so. I think God has placed that gift in you so that you can help people see how to care for others who are in need (the poor, classmates who need a friend, etc). Another example: This week I notice you have done some beautiful drawings. I think you could use that gift to spread love in the world by making cards for people who are sick or who are in nursing homes.

Coming Up:

  • Tues., 2/13 – Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Valentine’s Day celebration (Red & White dress day)
  • Wed., 2/14 – Ash Wednesday – All School Mass (Full Dress uniform)
  • 2/14-15 – Winter Conferences: Noon Dismissal on Wed.; No School Thurs.
  • Fri., 2/16 – No School – Teacher In-Service
  • Mon. 2/19 – No School – President’s Day
  • Wed., 2/21 – Grade 2 to daily Mass
  • Sat. 3/3 – OLG Auction
  • Wed., 3/7 – Grade 2 to Daily Mass
  • Sun., 3/11 – Sacramental Prep (9:30-10:45am in the Gym)
  • Fri., 4/20 – Mrs. Hoch’s anticipated last day before baby arrives . Baby is due the following week!
  • Sat., 4/21 (Saturday) – OLG Day of Service – There is something for everyone! To learn more about Day of Service, click here.

Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/Valentine’s Day Party – Tuesday, February 13th (1:30-2:45). We will be having a simple celebration next Tuesday, February 14th to celebrate Valentine’s Day (and Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday). Students are invited to make/bring valentine cards for each person in the class. This is not mandatory, but if your student would like to bring in valentines, please be sure they make/bring one for each of their classmates (we don’t want to exclude anyone). We have 26 students in our class. Note: Please only write who they are “from” (not putting “To” names on them). It makes it way easier to pass them out during our celebration time. Also, if you’re interested in helping with snacks & activities for that day, please contact Saragh Lamb. Thank you!!

Winter Conferences/Mid-Winter Break (February 14-19). Students will be dismissed at Noon on Wed., Feb. 14, and there will be no classes for students on Thursday & Friday, February 15-16. Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday are reserved for Winter Conferences, and Friday is a Teacher In-Service Day. Also, school will be closed on Monday, February 19 (President’s Day). Enjoy the long weekend! We will look forward to seeing the children again on Tuesday, February 20th!

Ash Wednesday (February 14). The Lenten season begins with Ash Wednesday on Wednesday, February 14. All Students will be attending mass that morning to receive ashes. In class, we will be reflecting on things we can do (and not do) to help us grow closer to Jesus during Lent. We will be filling our prayer board with our Lenten Promises. Each week we will spend time reflecting on the Sunday gospel through a practice called Lectio Divino (Divine Word). Through this practice, we will listen to the gospel three times, to deepen our understanding of what Jesus is calling us to do each week. Illustrations of the weekly gospels will be displayed in the hallway.

Classroom happenings:

Language Arts/Social Studies: In Reading, we continue to use SIPPS to review and develop foundational reading skills. We are beginning to learn about Japan using informational and literary texts. In Writing, we will continue to develop our informational paragraph writing skills, and we will be writing Haiku poems.

Math: We are introducing subtraction with regrouping. This is a tricky concept, so we’ll be working on it for several weeks. You won’t see regrouping homework come home until I feel confident that students have mostly mastered the concept.

Religion: We move into more intentional preparations for First Communion. As such, we will be doing an in-depth study of the parts of the Mass. We will also be visiting/touring the Sacristy so students can see all of the “stuff” we use for our liturgies. Also, I’ll still be asking students to watch for particular things during the Mass. In the coming weeks, I’ll be asking students to pay close attention to the Procession, Greeting, and 3 readings. Please help your child notice these components at weekend liturgies. Remember that our next family preparation gathering is this Sunday, March 11 (9:30-10:45am).

Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us!

Blessings to you and your family,

Rachel Hoch