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19 April 2018


Happy Thursday, Grade 2 Families!

I hope you have had chance to enjoy the amazing sunshine this week!  God is soooo good! There are a lot of special events coming up, so mark your calendars and plan to join the fun of these upcoming events:

**TALENT SHOW PERMISSION FORMS DUE TOMORROW (Friday, April 20) – Check out Mr. Kramer’s weekly newsletter on the OLG website for the link to the permission forms.**

Saturday, April 28 – First Communion Morning of Reflection & Rehearsal (10:00am-12:00pm). Families participating in First Communion, plan to meet in the gym at 10:00 am on Saturday, April 28th for a final reflection time together. Then we will walk over to the church for a quick rehearsal for the First Communion celebration mass. At least one parent/guardian needs to attend WITH your child. Contact Helen Oesterle if you have any questions or concerns.

Friday, May 4 – Jog-A-Thon – We only have a couple more weeks before we “hit the track” for our final fundraiser of the year! So be sure to help your child gather those pledges and then bring the pledge form to school. All pledge forms need to be returned to the school by Friday, May 4th at 8:45am. On that Friday, students should come to school ready to run: sunscreen applied, water bottles filled, running shoes on, and spirits full of joy. Students are invited to dress for the theme (Star Wars: “May the 4th be with you!”), just be sure the clothes are for running. Also, it is helpful to make sure all children eat a hearty breakfast, and have a heartier-than-usual snack for their after-jogging refueling. Finally, remember that Friday, May 4th will be a Noon Dismissal day, so please make sure your child knows where to go (EDC or pick-up) at that time. Thank you for helping make this year’s jog-a-thon a great success!

Saturday, May 5 – First Communion (Mass begins at 5:30pm).  If you are planning to have photos taken by Ilya, plan to arrive at the church between 4:00 & 4:15. All students (and at least one parent/guardian) should be at the church by 4:30 for the group photo with Fr. Jack. Helen emailed the photo order form, and there will be extras at the church on the 5th. Remember that Ilya only accepts cash or checks for photos.

MAPs Testing – OLG students will be doing MAPs testing for the first three weeks of May. Please try to avoid making appointments during those weeks, if at all possible.

Other events coming up:

Thurs., May 17 – All School Mass

Wed., May 23 – Spring Concert

Fri., May 25 – Talent Show

Mon., May 28 – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

Fri., June 1 – Field Day

I pray the rest of your week is full of joy and anticipation of our celebration of First Communion!  I pray the Holy Spirit is with you and your family in a very special way this week, and look forward to celebrating with you on Saturday!

With joy,

Mrs. Hoch & Mrs. Zbaracki






April 20, 2018

Thank You & Blessings for the Rest of the Year!

Dear Grade 2 Families,

It is with mixed emotions that I write today. I’m super excited that baby is due to arrive next week, and very sad to be leaving this amazing 2nd grade class. I know I’m leaving your children in great hands as Mrs. Zbaracki steps into the classroom this week. Starting Friday afternoon, I will not be checking my school email until late August. As such, all communications about 2nd grade and your students should be sent to Mrs. Zbaracki at bzbaracki@guadalupe-school.org.

It has been a joy and a privilege to journey with your children this year as they have grown and blossomed into wonderful readers, creative writers, amazing mathematicians. Your children have been daily reminders of God’s light and love in the world. I give great thanks to God for blessing me with these beautiful children this year and I will miss them over the coming months. I will definitely be stopping in to visit as often as I can…perhaps with baby in tow. J

Thank you for all of the support, presence, and prayers you have shared with my husband, daughter, and me these past few months. You, too, have been an amazing part of our journey towards expanding our family. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with you this year. You have each been an incredible blessing in your own unique way, which has made my life all the richer. It is easy to see the ways God is working in you to create heaven here on earth. Thank you for the gift you have been to me each day this year.

I pray that God continues to shower you with countless blessings in your everyday-ness. May the rest of the year be full of wonder as you continue to encounter God’s love in the world. I hope to see you at the First Communion celebration. I also hope to be at many of our special OLG events that happen in the springtime (jog-a-thon, talent show, all-school masses, graduation, etc.). As baby makes its way into the world, my husband, daughter, and I are extremely grateful for the incredible support, excitement, and prayers you continue to share with us. We can’t wait for baby to meet this OLG community! We will be sure to ask Mr. Kramer & Mrs. Zbaracki to let you know when baby arrives.

Have a blessed and joy-filled rest of the year!

Peace & joy to you,

Mrs. Hoch


First Communion Notes

As we approach the “big day” of First Communion, you might have some questions regarding the celebration & some of the logistics for that day. Here is some information that you might be wondering about. Let Helen or Mia know if you have other questions between now and May 5th. You will be going over more specific logistics on Saturday, April 28th, when you are here for the Morning of Reflection & Rehearsal.

  • ATTIRE – Children are asked to wear their “Sunday best” for the First Communion celebration Mass. For many (girls, in particular), it has been tradition to wear white for the occasion. Please note, however, that there is no Church teaching that says children must wear white. Rather, they are asked to wear something “special” to represent the specialness of the day. For boys, that may mean nice slacks and shirts or maybe a “suit” with a jacket. For girls, it may be any dress/outfit that is special to them…of any color. HEADPIECES – We do ask that girls who would like to wear a headpiece consider something other than a veil. The old Church teaching suggested that our children were thought of as “brides & grooms for Christ” on this occasion. Thus, the white outfits & veils. That teaching has since been revised to state that we are part of the body of Christ through Communion/Eucharist. As such, veils are not as appropriate as they once were. If your child would like to wear a headpiece, we encourage you to help them find something like a ring of flowers, or special ribbons, in place of a veil. That being said…if a veil is very very important to your child or family (for instance, an heirloom), please know that it is ok for them to wear one. The Church does not “prohibit” veils for this occasion; the Church simply does not encourage them any more. Let us know if you have questions about attire. The basic rule of thumb, though, is “Sunday best.”
  • PHOTOS – We have hired a professional photographer who will be taking individual and group photos before the celebration on May 5th. We will have the order form available for you at the Learning Centers on April 14th. There will also be some available at First Communion in case you forget to bring one with you. Please note: the photographer accepts cash and checks only (no credit cards), so be prepared for that, if you plan to have him take photos of your child.
  • PHOTOS DURING MASS – Please note: Church policy states that NO flash photography is to be taken during the celebration of Mass…it is a sacramental moment, not a “Kodak” moment. We ask that you put your cameras/iPads/phones away during the Mass so that you can be full, conscious, active participants of the celebration, fully entering into the celebration with your child (not hiding behind a camera). You are welcome to take as many photos as you like before and after the Mass…just not during the Mass. Kindly ask your family members to also be respectful of this policy. Thank you.
  • SEATING DURING THE MASS – We will be reserving seats for the children and you (the parents/guardians) in the front rows of the church. All other family members will be asked to sit in unreserved seats so we can keep the First Communicants as close to the front as possible, and so you can have a special moment with your child as they receive their First Communion. You, the parents/guardians, will be asked to walk up to Communion with your child when they receive it for the first time. We will go over this process at the rehearsal on April 28th.
  • RECEPTION – When making plans for after the Mass, please note that the third graders are planning a simple reception for you and your family. Plan to make a quick stop in the Gym after the First Communion Mass for some light refreshments AND to pick up your child’s Sacramental Certificate & gift bag. We know that you will probably have dinner plans, but it’s important to your child to have a few minutes to celebrate with his/her classmates. J Most years, families are on their way to their dinner/party between 7:00 or 7:30pm.

Schedule for First Communion Week 

SATURDAY, April 28th – Morning of Reflection & First Communion Rehearsal (10:00am-12:00pm). You will gather in the gym for a final reflection on the sacrament of Eucharist. Then you will head to the church for our rehearsal for the celebration Mass. Please be sure at least one parent/guardian attends WITH your child.

SATURDAY, MAY 5th – First Communion Celebration Mass

  • 4:00ish – Please plan to arrive between 4:00-4:30 if you plan to have individual photos taken. All children should be at the church by 4:30 for the group photo with Fr. Jack. (Remember to bring your photographer order forms.)
  • 5:00pm – Students go to the Demazenod Room for a light snack and bathroom break. Children will be lined up at 5:15pm for the Procession.
  • 5:30pm – First Communion celebration Mass
  • 6:45pm-ish – First Communion reception in the Gym (sponsored by OLG 3rd graders)

Again, let Helen or Mia know if you have any questions between now and May 5th.  I hope to be able to attend the Mass celebration with you, but it will all depend on how baby & I are doing at that time. I continue to hold you and your children in our thoughts & prayers in a very special way as we make final preparations for the very special sacrament!

Blessings to you,

Rachel Hoch