2nd Grade Home


Happy Week 2, Grade 2 Families!

We hope you’ve had a restful and play-filled weekend after a busy week last week. And we hope you’re entering into this week of remote learning with a little more ease, now that you have a sense of the flow of our weekly learning activities. 

Below is the list of activities/assignments for 2nd graders to complete tomorrow. While we expect all of the work to be completed, we will not be asking you to send ALL of the work in for grading. On Fridays, there will be less new work assigned to allow students time to finish up any unfinished work from the week.

Submitting Student Work to Teachers for Grades

We are going to limit the number of documents you need to submit to us to 3 or 4 per day. Please try to submit your child’s work by the end of each day to help us maintain an accurate attendance record and gradebook of student progress. The easiest way for us to receive student work will be for you to take a picture of your child’s papers and email the pictures to us. **When you send us your child’s work, please put your child’s name and date in the “subject” line and remember to include both teachers on all communications. All submissions for the day can be included in a single email.**

Monday Assignments (3-23-2020)

  • Prayer/Pledge: Happy Monday, 2nd Graders! Choose a traditional prayer (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Angel of God, Act of Contrition) to say to start your day. Invite your family to say the prayer with you, and then also say the Pledge. Have a great Monday!
  • Weekend Sentences — Second graders should know what to do here. In your folder of materials, there is paper for writing Weekend Sentences. Children write 2 complete sentences about what they did over the weekend. ** SUBMIT THIS TO TEACHERS**
  • Handwriting — Complete p.55 in the Handwriting book.
  • Spelling — This week we are on Lesson 21 in the Spelling Book. Complete the lesson pages by Thursday. Parents/Guardians will be administering the Spelling Test on Friday. 
  • Textbook Math — In the Student Math Textbook, help your child work through Chapter 13, Lesson 3 materials (pages 113-119). Students should record their answers to the Let’s Practice questions on paper from home, or you can make a copy of the pages and they can fill them in on the copy. Remember…DO  NOT WRITE IN THE TEXT!!! (Thank you). After completing page 119 (Let’s Practice), you are done with the Math text for today. Good job!
  • XtraMath & Math Whizz — Your child should spend time on BOTH of these programs every day. Their usage is one of the ways we are taking attendance during our Remote Learning period. Your child should spend about 20 minutes (at least) on MathWhizz each day.
  • Language Arts — Magic Treehouse: Night of the Ninjas
      • Vocabulary — In the Vocabulary packet, look up the vocabulary word cards for Chapter 5 (shallow, pant, torch). 2nd graders should draw illustrations of the words inside the word square in the vocab packet. Then, pick a new activity from the menu (Super Sentences, Rainbow Write, Free Choice, Terrific Typing, Trace Race, Red & Blue) and practice the words for Chapter 5.
      • Comprehension — Chapter 5 Comprehension Questions — Read the Chapter 1. Use complete sentences to answer the comprehension questions that correspond with Chapter 5. Even though this is a 2nd grade level text, we recognize that this text may be challenging for some students to read independently. If your child needs help reading this text, they may use YouTube and listen to the book being read. Here’s is a link for Chapter 5.  https://youtu.be/qGwmdsj-OIo
  • Building Writers — Complete the writing prompt on page 38-39 in the Building Writers packet. **SUBMIT p.39 TO TEACHERS**
  • Word Work — Complete one practice page (2-sided) for Word Work. **SUBMIT TO TEACHERS**
  • Independent Reading Practice — log on to Kids AtoZ www.kidsa-z.com and do at least 20 minutes of reading practice.
  • Religion — Help your child complete Session 19 materials. You can do this as a family at the dinner table, if that works for your family.
  • Spanish — We have Spanish on Mondays & Fridays. Check the OLG Spanish webpage for Sra Brodahl’s lesson of the day.

** The following 3 Assignments should be submitted to teachers for grading:

  1. Writing — Weekend Sentences
  2. Building Writers — p.39
  3. Word Work practice page (2 sided)