2nd Grade Home


Happy weekend, Grade 2 Families!

We pray that your Lenten journey continues to be a time a growth in faith within your family, especially as we move closer to First Communion.

Optional Family Activities:

Activity #1: As we move closer to First Communion, we invite you to take time with your child before Mass (or at Offertory time) to reflect on the special gifts your child brings to the world. Ask your child to think & pray about what gift or talent s/he will place on the altar during the Offertory. Remember that we all place our gifts/lives on the altar to be blessed. What gift will you put on the altar this Sunday? What gift will your child place on the altar? Invite your child to use one of the Pew Art cards to write/draw the gift they want to place on the altar. Place the art cards in the collection baskets as they are passed, and be intentional about recognizing that they are being placed on the altar to be blessed and shared with the world. After Communion, ask your child how they will share that special gift with the world this week.

Activity #2:  As we focus on learning the Rites of our Mass, we invite you to find a way to practice those rituals in your everyday life, and intentionally make the connection between your everyday life & the rite of the Mass. Then, find ways to make those parts of the Mass come alive in your day-to-day life. How can you reach out to your neighbors and make them feel welcome? How can you greet others as you move through your day so that they feel welcome in your midst? (Greeting/Introductory Rites) What stories are you sharing during your mealtimes and throughout your day? (Old Testament, New Testament, & Gospel readings) How do we respond to those stories? (Responsorial Psalm) Take time each day, as a family, to talk about the ways you made people feel welcome and shared stories that day.

Coming Up:

Sat. 4/13 – Sacramental Prep Learning Centers (10am-1pm, Walmesley Center)

Thurs., 4/18 – Holy Thursday Soup Supper (School Hall; hosted by OLG Teachers/Staff)

Fri., 4/19 – Good Friday – NOON Dismissal

Apr. 22-26 – Spring Break

Sat. 4/27 — Morning of Reflection & Rehearsal for First Communion (10am – Noon)

Fri, 5/3 — Jog-a-thon

Sat., 5/4 — First Communion Mass (5:30pm)

5/6-24 — MAPS Testing

Saturday, April 27 – First Communion Morning of Reflection & Rehearsal (10:00am-12:00pm). Families participating in First Communion, plan to meet in the gym at 10:00 am on Saturday, April 27th for a final reflection time together. Then we will walk over to the church for a quick rehearsal for the First Communion celebration mass. At least one parent/guardian needs to attend WITH your child. Contact Helen Oesterle if you have any questions or concerns.

Friday, May 3 – Jog-A-ThonWe only have a few weeks before we “hit the track” for our final fundraiser of the year! So be sure to help your child gather those pledges and then bring the pledge form to school. All pledge forms need to be returned to the school by Friday, May 3rd at 8:45am. On that Friday, students should come to school ready to run: sunscreen applied, water bottles filled, running shoes on, and spirits full of joy. Students are invited to dress for the theme (Running in the Light), just be sure the clothes are for running. Also, it is helpful to make sure all children eat a hearty breakfast, and have a heartier-than-usual snack for their after-jogging refueling. Finally, remember that Friday, May 3rd will be a Noon Dismissal day, so please make sure your child knows where to go (EDC or pick-up) at that time. Thank you for helping make this year’s jog-a-thon a great success!

Saturday, May 4 – First Communion (Mass begins at 5:30pm).  If you are planning to have photos taken by Ilya, plan to arrive at the church between 4:00 & 4:15. All students (and at least one parent/guardian) should be at the church by 4:30 for the group photo with Fr. Jack. We will email the photo order form as soon as we receive them Ilya, and there will be extras at the church on the 4th. Please note that Ilya only accepts cash or checks for photos.

MAPs Testing – OLG students will be doing MAPs testing for the first three weeks of May. Please try to avoid making appointments during those weeks, if at all possible.

What’s happening…

Sacramental Preparation – Remember to be using your “Together” booklets at home. Don’t wait until the last minute.  You should be working on Chapters 3, 4, & 5 during March; Chapters 6, 7, & 8 in April. Remember, for the Learning Centers on April 13, you will need to have identified one “special gift/talent” that God has placed in your child, that s/he feels called to share with the world. Once you have identified your child’s gift, start designing a symbol to represent that special gift. At the Learning Centers we will have fabric for you to use to make the symbol for the class Altar Cloth, which will be used during our First Communion celebration. Remember, too, that your child’s First Communion Banner project should be completed & returned by April 27 (at the Rehearsal).  Let us know if you need the materials for the banner project.

Reading/Language Arts/Social Studies – We continue to strengthen our foundational skills through our Word Work (SIPPS) groups which work on phonics, phonemic awareness, and sight word recognition. After Spring Break we will begin our unit on Japan. We will learn about Japan using informational texts. We will do close reading with informational texts, looking at text features to find particular information, and using texts to ask & answer questions about topics. We will use the computers & iPads to research interesting facts about Japan, which will be turned into informational paragraphs. We will also learn the art of writing Haiku poems. **After Spring Break, students will need to have a Seattle Public Library card & PIN number for some of the projects we will be doing. Please send in a copy of your child’s library card & write the PIN number on the copy so they are able to access the SPL website’s information catalog. Thank you!**

Science – Using plain water, corn syrup, liquid detergent, liquid hand soap, oil, fabric softener, and colored water students investigated these liquids to develop their concept of what is a liquid.  Working in small groups students tipped, swirled, shook, and rolled clear plastic bottles of these liquids. Next the class made a list of properties using descriptive language to develop accurate vocabulary for the properties of the liquids.  They practiced the vocabulary by playing liquid related games. To wrap up their investigations on liquids students observed liquids in different containers noticing how liquids take on the shape of the container it is in. All information was recorded, reviewed, and graced with a drawing in their science log book.  

Yoga – In yoga the students focused on their breathing and accent words.  Here are the posed we have been practicing.

Bear Breath-Rest and balance.  Sit up tall, close your eyes and go inside.  Through your nose, breathe in and hold for a count of 3.  Breathe out throw your mouth.

Snake Breath– Slow and calm.  Deep breath in, pause and breathe out slowly and smoothly, making a quiet hissing sound.

Down Dog-Playful, stretching and open.  What kind of dog are you?

River-Flowing, folded and deep.

Plank-Aligned, lifted, strong and solid.

Enjoy your time practicing these poses.

May your Holy Week be filled with blessings and hope!

With Joy,

Mrs. H & Ms. Z