About Us

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe School provides strong core academics and enrichment opportunities.
  • It teaches Gospel values in an environment that welcomes and celebrates diversity.
  • It helps students develop healthy relationships with each other
  • It is committed to the academic excellence of every child enrolled in the school.

Our Philosophy

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School is guided by a philosophy derived from our Catholic heritage. We acknowledge and support the family as the primary educator of the child. As a contemporary Christian school, we affirm the importance of education for a full life of Christian faith. The goal of our Catholic school education is to foster Gospel values in our students, challenge and inspire them to academic excellence, and cultivate their development both in service and leadership.

Together we strive to equip our students with the compassion, morality, courage, critical thinking, and academic excellence necessary for responsible stewardship in today’s society. We face this task as a community united and empowered by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

School-Wide Learning Expectations

Governance & Leadership:

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