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updated December 10, 2018


StoryPath Learning

At first it was just one cabin, then another. Later still, three cabins appeared in our frieze. Then we received notice from settlers advising us to leave the forest so they could clear land for their homes and farms. Finally, we noticed stumps where trees once stood. Some students wanted to protest. For others, peaceful protest was not enough.  Next we received an abbreviated copy of the Medicine Creek Treaty. Our chief, Garry, took this home and came back with a counter offer. He explained his goals, “Don’t make them mad because they have more weapons. Keep my people alive for the future.”


Our StoryPath discussion was influenced by a famous speech attributed to Chief Sealth http://www.halcyon.com/arborhts/chiefsea.html and our growing understanding of how some early tribes viewed personal property.  We discussed what a treaty is and many of the stipulations of the Medicine Creek Treaty, signed in 1854. Fourth graders are able to experience the complexity of issues, both in the past and present day…. deep learning. During snack time read aloud, I am reading the novel Spirit Quest by Susan Sharpe. This realistic fiction takes place in modern times on a reservation on the Northwest Coast. It is important to show that despite injustices, native tribes exist in our world today.


Fourth graders have broken open a new chapter in Math, “Whole Number Multiplication and Division”. In this chapter, your child will study multiplication and division of whole numbers. Some skills include multiplying and dividing larger numbers with regrouping, estimating larger products and quotients and solving real-world problems using the bar model method. Look to my classroom webpage for links to video clips showing teachers and students practicing strategies we use in class. Fluency with basic multiplication facts is vital, so keep that basic fact practice routine going!


Two weeks ago we took a huge step forward, double-digit X double-digit multiplication. Last week we continued with more practice and began our in depth study of division. I’ve added links on our classroom webpage to video clips of teachers from all over, eager to explain various methods to support understanding “long division”. Know that we eventually reach the traditional algorithm, very similar to what you and I learned back in fourth and fifth grade. This week we continue our division practice, becoming more comfortable with larger numbers, quotients that include a “0” and quotients with remainders and estimation. Fluency with basic multiplication facts is vital, so keep that basic fact practice routine going!

Dates to Remember


12/2 – 12/24 Canned Food Drive

Wednesday, 12/12: OLG Feast Day All School Mass, all blues

Wednesday, 12/19: Christmas colors free dress, Santa pictures (full class photo)

Friday, 12/21: Half Day, Christmas Break begins

Monday, 1/7: Back to School

Service Trip Dates, VA Medical Center:

11:15 AM – 2:15 PM

Thursday, 1/ 24, Thursday, 2/ 28, Thursday, 3/ 21, Thursday, 4/ 11, Thursday, 5/16


Monday: Read for 20 minutes

Spelling worksheet – Do one side, read the flip side.

Writing assignment


Tuesday: Read for 20 minutes

Read spelling sheet out loud. Practice fluency.

Reading assignment

Math assignment


Wednesday: Read for 20 minutes

Read spelling sheet out loud.

Try to sound like a news reporter on TV.

Math assignment

Social Studies assignment


Thursday: Read for 20 minutes

Be ready to read spelling sheet out loud

Have spelling worksheet from Monday, ready to turn in on Friday.


Study for weekly quiz and spelling test.


Helpful Websites

Cursive Writing Resources


To see the animation, move your mouse over a letter. Lowercase


To see the animation, move your mouse over a letter. Uppercase


Scroll down to the bottom of the page for cursive letter animation video clips for each letter.


Continuous video clip, capital letters first, then lower case… not exactly how OLG teaches them, but clear and concise.


One of several free apps… Try them and share your experience with the rest of us.

Social Studies


Video clips about timelines





Video clip explaining the challenge of showing the world on a flat map


Youtube clip guides you to create a map of Washington State.  We call the “Puget Sound Lowlands” the “Western Lowlands”.  Otherwise, this is perfect for helping us learn our state’s geography.


Video clip showing timeline and explaining BC/AD


Typing Website


Spelling Website

Check out this website for online spelling practice…. Enter our list each week! http://www.spellingcity.com/


Chapter 3, Math in Focus



Bar model example, division


Bar model example, multiplication


Bar model example, multiplication, before and after model


Division, Math in Focus method


Division, Concrete to Pictorial, Math in Focus method


Links to websites for division lessons and practice



Reminder, multiplying multiples of 10


Double digit X double digit multiplication using an area model.



Double digit X double digit multiplication showing partial products.

(No time is spent on this in Math In Focus, lesson 3.2, but I think it’s a good bridge between area model and the standard method that is taught next.)


Double digit X double digit multiplication, standard method


Multiplication using an Area Model


Multiplication using a Place Value Chart


Multiplication breaking apart larger factor into place value parts and adding partial products


Multiplication using place value method showing partial products


Multiplication, double digit X double digit, using an Area Model

Estimation and Number Sense Video Clips

Chapter 2, Math In Focus

Estimating sums using rounding.



Estimating differences using rounding.



Estimating products using rounding



Estimating quotients using compatible numbers



Front end estimation.



Factors, Prime and Composite Numbers



Finding the Greatest Common Factor using Math In Focus method



Factors, Multiples and Prime Numbers easily explained.



Multiples, Common Multiples, Least Common Multiples



Finding the Least Common Multiple using the Math In Focus method



Using an array model to solve multiplication problems



Using an array model to solve multiplication problems, shading ones and tens in a similar way to Math In Focus



Using an area model to solve multiplication problems


Chapter 1, Place Value Websites


Play the Place Value Puzzler.


Play the Place Value Game. http://www.linkslearning.org/Kids/1_Math/2_Illustrated_Lessons/3_Place_Value/index.html

Listen to the online lesson.


Play Place Value Pirates.


Create a Place Value Birthday Cake for five different ages.

Basic Fact Multiplication Websites

Create your own checkpoints
Lessons and worksheets, every topic
Check out the  Five Minute Frenzy activities


Twenty-eight online games listed, I haven’t played them all


Fast paced game


Play the ice cream scoop game


Select the multiplication flashcards


Play the multiplication game


Play the hidden picture multiplication game


Play multiplication concentration


Challenge yourself with this game of multiples


Create a holiday picture as you practice basic facts


Annoying to some, fun for others…



Video clip showing patterns for the 2s and 8s



This website helps explain the concept of multiplication – and then gives strategies for helping to master the basics.

http://del.icio.us/bobstegner/Math-Multiplication T

his website provides several links to other multiplication games recommended by math teachers.