Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade is a key year in elementary education. It is the year when students become “big kids,” with all that entails—greater physical and intellectual capabilities, but also more academics and more homework. Students will have now gotten the hang of the routines and rhythm of school and will be taking on the challenges of learning increasingly-difficult material in different subjects in school.

Fourth graders learn a number of new things, both socially and academically, requiring your child to not only be responsible for their own work, but to learn how to work in groups as well. Fourth Grade is packed with great content—fun and fascinating subjects like fractions, meteorology and the American Revolution—and it’s a foundational year for key concepts that will carry your students into middle school.

At OLG, we will maintain high expectations and challenge students to learn, grow, and achieve to each student’s highest possible potential. We will enhance the learning process by fostering an atmosphere of respect, love and service.

Fourth Grade is the approximate year in children experience a shift from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Fourth graders will use reference books and the Internet to find the information they need for schoolwork. Fourth Grade math, reading and other subjects will be more challenging, as will homework, which may take as much as an hour or more to do each night.

Fourth graders will also need to begin getting themselves ready for the transition to middle school. This will be a good time for parents to make sure their fourth grader works on their ability to focus, stay organized and prioritize – all skills they will need as they transition into upper grades where students are expected to work more independently and take more responsibility for themselves.