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Lewis and Clark, Corps of Discovery, Sacajawea


Fourth grade study of Washington State History includes a focus on exploration, Lewis and Clark and the fur trade.  My read aloud book is Sacajawea by Joseph Bruchac.  Each chapter alternates in voice from William Clark to Sacajawea.  In reading class last week each fourth grader had their own informational text about the Corps of Discovery.  Students documented their active reading strategies: making connections, asking questions, finding the very important parts, new learning and shocking bits.  Being aware of our thinking helps us remember and understand what we read.  We continue to work in our textbook, practicing another reading strategy to help us understand, SQR3.  Again, reading with a question in mind helps us remember and understand.  This week we will watch several videos that focus on the journey of Lewis and Clark.  My favorite is “The Spirit of Sacajawea” by Naka Productions. Was she Hidatsa or Shoshone? How long did she live? Where is she buried? “The Spirit of Sacajawea” examines these questions through the eyes of her ancestors. The majority of the interviews are with Native American people from across the United States. We learn about what she meant to their culture, how her tribes lived 200 years ago and how they’ve survived one challenge after another, from smallpox to relocation to the destruction of native lands and sacred sites.  Multiple voices, many ways to learn.


Fourth graders are working diligently to fully understand fractions in a deeper level.  This week finish review of third grade material and spend more time on expressing fractions in their simplest form.  This concept is important in the immediate future as the Math in Focus assessments will show all multiple choice responses in simplest form.  I’ve seen students successfully complete multi step problems only to get stuck when their answer is 75/100s.  We must help them see ¾s as a choice.


We move forward to the fourth grade textbook, Chapter 6, Fractions and Mixed Numbers.  In this chapter, your child will learn about computing with fractions and mixed numbers.  Some of the skills include adding and subtracting fractions, converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, finding a fraction of a set and solving real-world problems.


Finding the fraction of a set or a number is a useful skill with many applications in everyday life.  Look out for opportunities to help your child practice this skill.  While traveling by bus or car, tell your child that the distance between two points, say your home and school, is 4 kilometers.  Ask your child to calculate the distance between the school and another place, say the library, which is half-way between school and home.  ½ X 4 = 2 kilometers.  I appreciate all the fraction support at home.


Dates to Remember:

Monday, 3-1:  Drop off, Pick up for at home learners

Tuesday, 3-9:  End of Trimester 2

Friday, 3-12:  No School, Teacher In-Service

Thursday, 3-18:  School Mass, sponsored by 4th grade.  More information to come!

Friday, 4-2:  noon dismissal, Good Friday

Spring Break from April 5 – April 9

Monday, April 12: Back to school



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Mrs. Wilson’s February Back to School Video

Fourth Grade Weekly Schedule

Supply List, 4th Grade, February 2021

Mrs. Wilson’s Youtube

Mrs. Sommerville walks you through Google Classroom

Mrs. Sommerville walks you through seeing teacher comments on Google Classroom

Remote Learning Math Resources from Mrs. Lawler



Helpful Websites


Kids A-Z

Login Instructions

Use Google Chrome as your browser.  Safari does not fully support Kids A-Z

Step 1: Go to www.kidsa-z.com

Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher’s username, cwilson329

Step 3: Your child finds his or her username on the class chart

Step 4: Your child enters his or her password, GUAD4green



User Name:  OLG4Science

Password:  OLG4Science

Cursive Writing Resources


To see the animation, move your mouse over a letter. Lowercase


To see the animation, move your mouse over a letter. Uppercase


Scroll down to the bottom of the page for cursive letter animation video clips for each letter.


Continuous video clip, capital letters first, then lower case… not exactly how OLG teaches them, but clear and concise.


One of several free apps… Try them and share your experience with the rest of us.


Social Studies

Video clips about timelines





Video clip explaining the challenge of showing the world on a flat map


Youtube clip guides you to create a map of Washington State.  We call the “Puget Sound Lowlands” the “Western Lowlands”.  Otherwise, this is perfect for helping us learn our state’s geography.


Video clip showing timeline and explaining BC/AD


Typing Website




Xtra Math


Usernames and passwords sent home week of September 1

Estimation and Number Sense Video Clips

Chapter 2, Math In Focus

Estimating sums using rounding.



Estimating differences using rounding.



Estimating products using rounding



Estimating quotients using compatible numbers



Front end estimation.



Factors, Prime and Composite Numbers



Finding the Greatest Common Factor using Math In Focus method



Factors, Multiples and Prime Numbers easily explained.



Multiples, Common Multiples, Least Common Multiples



Finding the Least Common Multiple using the Math In Focus method



Using an array model to solve multiplication problems



Using an array model to solve multiplication problems, shading ones and tens in a similar way to Math In Focus



Using an area model to solve multiplication problems



Math, Chapter 1


page 2, Recall prior knowledge

Recalling prior knowledge, Survey textbook pages 1-38, Word Form, Standard Form, Expanded Form, Concrete representation, Count by ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, Value of each digit



page 3, Recall prior knowledge

Comparing numbers using a place-value chart, Completing a pattern by finding the rule, Concrete ways to show numbers… I ran out of time! Stay tuned.



Math in Focus, Dots on a Place Value Chart

This video introduces the concrete/visual representation of larger numbers used by Math in Focus at the fourth grade level. We use these dots on a place value chart all year long.



Math in Focus, pages 5-8

Practicing larger numbers, standard form, word form, expanded form… catch my mistake in this video (you have to watch to the end).



Math in Focus, pages 10-11

Showing the value of each digit, Expanded form



Math in Focus, Workbook A, pages 3,4,5

“the digit _______ stands for ________.” “the value of the digit _______ is __________ .”




Math in Focus, pages 14, 15

Comparing and Ordering larger numbers



Math in Focus, page 16

Comparing larger numbers… can you find my mistake?



Math in Focus, page 20

Adding larger numbers with regrouping, visual representation, then traditional algorithm



Math in Focus, page 25, Subtracting with regrouping

We use both visual (concrete) representation and then the traditional algorithm.



Math in Focus, page 29, Subtracting larger numbers, regrouping across 0s

We start with the concrete/visual and also use the traditional algorithm to represent subtracting larger numbers across 0s.




Math in Focus, Chapter One, Common Hiccup

How many tens are in 43,860? Not 6!

Place Value Websites


Play the Place Value Puzzler.


Play the Place Value Game. http://www.linkslearning.org/Kids/1_Math/2_Illustrated_Lessons/3_Place_Value/index.html

Listen to the online lesson.


Play Place Value Pirates.


Create a Place Value Birthday Cake for five different ages.

Basic Fact Multiplication Websites

Create your own checkpoints
Check out the  Five Minute Frenzy activities


Twenty-eight online games listed, I haven’t played them all


Fast paced game


Play the ice cream scoop game


Select the multiplication flashcards


Play the multiplication game


Play the hidden picture multiplication game


Play multiplication concentration


Challenge yourself with this game of multiples


Create a holiday picture as you practice basic facts


Annoying to some, fun for others…


Video clip showing patterns for the 2s and 8s


This website helps explain the concept of multiplication – and then gives strategies for helping to master the basics.