In fourth grade, students really start applying the reading skills they have learned in the prior grades to help them comprehend denser texts. From chapter books to scientific articles, they will learn how to analyze and comprehend various forms of writing styles. Study skills also become more important in fourth grade, since they will start handling long-term assignments.

Here are some broad ideas of what your student is expected to learn this year.

  • Use contextual clues to discover the meaning of words.
  • Understand and use the steps of the writing process from pre-writing to the final draft.
  • Write research reports.
  • Recognize how science is at work in the world around them, especially through technology.
  • Use encyclopedias, newspapers, atlases, and magazines as resources.
  • Understand the history and geography of their state.

Some of the highlights of 4th grade include our student-led Veteran Assembly, Veteran Essay Contest, Artifact Analysis of the PNW (MOHAI kits), and hands-on science projects (my favorites have to do with Volcanoes and electricity!).