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Writing Assignments for 2018-19

7th Grade Writing Assignments for 2018-19 school year.


Quick News

  • Mount Visit 3/12. The 8th grade will be presenting their memory boxes at Providence Mount St. Vincent. Earlier this year, we interviewed senior residents and learned their life stories. We have written mini-biographies and decorated shoebox dioramas representing their lives, and will share them next Tuesday, March 12.
  • January is Social Justice Month for 8th Grade. The 8th grade class led a striking liturgy on the theme of social justice, featuring the Corporal Works of Mercy. This mass is the first of three class-led community events during the month of January. On Thursday, January 17, we will lead an all-school family meeting where each 8th grader will present a lesson on their Juan Diego Projects. Then on Sunday, January 27, our students will exhibit their culminating projects at the Open House from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. (also before the 8:30 mass in the church).
  • Mount St. Vincent. The 8th graders did a phenomenal job of leading interviews at the Mount! They jumped right into introductions and didn’t even need prompting to start the interview. The processing over the last two days has been fantastic, evidence that they are learning communication and social analytical skills.
  • Middle School Retreat. What can I say? I’m so impressed with our 8th grade class. See below in the photo gallery for more details.
  • CURRICULUM NIGHT and 8TH GRADE INFORMATION: Thursday, September 13, 6:30 p.m. Please join us! But before you do, please take a few minutes to view a series of videos (written by the class of 2019!) for 8th grade information. It’ll make our time at curriculum night more efficient and they are resources you can come back to throughout the year.
  • PICTURE DAY: Wednesday, September 19. Smile!
  • CHOIR BEGINS: Wednesday, September 19. Sing!

Ask Me About…

Need some dinner table conversation about your middle schooler’s day at school? Here are some conversation starters.

6th: What are some of Confucius’ teachings?

7th: What have you learned from your nonfiction outside reading book?

8th: Tell me about your resident from the Mount.

Capturing The Moment

OLG’s Class of 2019 is something special. On Friday, September 21, the class took the reigns from their teachers and put on the first ever Middle School Retreat. The class defined five objectives for the afternoon: respect, support, communication, teamwork and camaraderie. In their station, they explained an objective, led an activity they designed or adapted, and then processed with sixth and seventh grade participants. While everyone seemed to have a blast, I was incredibly impressed with the degree of enthusiasm, perseverance, creativity, maturity, effort and flat out leadership that this class displayed. The staff are incredibly proud of our students, and look forward to this year’s sixth and seventh graders sharing in the eighth grade’s light of leadership.

In my 6th grade class (Old Testament and the Ancients), we started the year with our school theme for 2018-19: Growing in the Light of God. After reflecting on the creation story in Genesis, students read six creation stories from other cultures (Hopi, Hawaiian, Yoruba, Maori, Norse and Chinese). In studying the technique of Native American oral tradition, our class has grouped up and adapted these creation stories into our own oral traditions, complete with costumes, props, sets and engaging narrative. Looking forward to our performances!

Dr. Jen Kulik came in today (Friday, 9/14) to introduce the kids to our Mount Service Project. She helped us break the ice on intergenerational learning with an engaging and interactive lesson, which involved some games and ended with a thought provoking activity, calling students to distinguish description from judgement. We are looking forward to working with her!

The 8th grade retreat was a blast! We bonded and settled into our role as leaders of the school and community. Eighth graders are planning our first ever middle school retreat, and we started the process during the afternoon.

We’re ready for ya, class of 2019! Let’s go!

This is what 13 years of teaching looks like. Coming back for some more, Guadalupe! Here’s to a fantastic year 14 of teaching with this beautiful community!

8th Grade Timeline

The Juan Diego Project 2017

Every year in 8th grade, Our Lady of Guadalupe Students complete their Juan Diego Project, a culmination of their Service-Based Education. They choose a topic based on their interests, such as poverty, environment, healthcare, education, and more. Then, they conduct intensive research on that issue, using databases such as Academic OneFile and Proquest, and deliver a 30-40 minute interactive lecture to their peers on the topic. Additionally, they perform 20 hours of service in the field to gain hands on experience. Below are their culminating videos, which they created in trios. For more information about the project and about Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Service-Based Education, contact Mr. Santos or our school’s main office at 206.935.0651.

Fighting Local and Global Poverty

Improving our Communities at OLG

Erasing Insecurities

Care for Animals

Education for All

Living Healthy Lives

Serving Low-Income Families

Care for God’s Creation

Preserving Forests