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—¬†Updated 5/22/18 —


6TH GRADE RELIGION (Old Testament)


Quick News

  • Spring Concert is on Wednesday, 5/23. Middle School Band and choir perform!
  • Talent Show is on Friday, 5/25
  • Final rehearsals for our 8th grade musical are 5/29 through 5/31. We have two performances on Thursday, 5/31 – one at 2 p.m. for the school and community, and one at 7 p.m. for families, encore seekers, and the greater community. Call time at 6:15 p.m.
  • Field Day and the 8th grade vs. Staff volleyball game is on Friday, 6/1.
  • The 8th Grade Gifts Ceremony will be on Tuesday, 6/5 at 1:30
  • GRADUATION!!! Light of Leadership Baccalaureate Mass is at 9 a.m. (call time at 8:30) and the Graduation Ceremony is at 7 p.m. (call time at 6:30)

Ask Me About…

Need some dinner table conversation about your middle schooler’s day at school? Here are some conversation starters.

6th: Perform your prophet/Old Testament writer monologue for me please!

7th: What’s a Ritz Cracker?

8th: What does it mean to be an 8th grade graduate?

Capturing The Moment

Gorgeous weather this week! That calls for watermelon and Shakespearean kickball.

Sixth graders lean in to Fr. Jack talk about the wisdom of Jesus during the class’s sponsored mass, themed “The Wisdom of the Cross.”

Some highlights from our International District Amazing Race, designed by Mr. Santos, and Historical Cathedral Tour, led by our Pastoral Associate, Helen Osterle. An exhilarating field trip with seventh and eighth grades!

A welcome visitor! We miss you Mary!!!

Staff at our annual Holy Thursday Soup Supper.

The seventh grade delivered a powerful meditation on the Stations of the Cross. Seen here is the fourteenth station, Jesus is laid in the tomb.

Eighth graders are learning choreography for their musical, “Seussical,” with Broadway dancer and former Rockette, Nikki Womac.

Math Fair was a wild success with engaging and interactive games from our middle schoolers.

Our 8th graders have had an especially meaningful experience at Providence Mount St. Vincent this year. They spent many of our visits developing a relationship with one or two of the elderly residents, interviewing them and partaking in recreational therapy activities with them. Our experience culminated when we shared our written profiles about the residents and student-designed memory box tributes.

Alumni alert! Rod from the Class of 2017 came by for a visit.

Snow Day! Santos got to sledding with some students during the late start.

Valentine’s Day fun! We had an easy afternoon of fun and games.

Parent Appreciation Video. Thank you for everything you do for us!

Some of our outstanding Juan Diego Projects: Paulo (Music Therapy with elderly residents), Estella (supporting homeless teens through YouthCare), and Molly (preserving urban green space with Nature Consortium).

One of our 8th grade leaders guiding her faith family in a Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl activity about global awareness.

This year, our 8th grade class has paired with 3rd grade and Kindergarten as educational guides, helping third graders develop writing skills and giving kindergarteners structure in PE. This opportunity helps develop school community, as well as utilizes 8th grader expertise to give back to their school community.

To celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Feast Day, our student council performed the story of Our Lady and Juan Diego.

Our class service project at Providence Mount Saint Vincent. OLG 8th graders provide recreational therapy to the residents of the Mount. This year, we are participating in the Silver Kite Program, where our students will conduct intergenerational interviews and compose profiles of seniors who live at the the Mount. We are looking forward to learning from the residents!

Had a visitor from Texas earlier this school year!


First day of school 2017-2018. Santos lost a bet to an alum and donned a Megaman costume.

2017 culminated with a stunning performance of “The Lion King. Looking forward to the Class of 2018!


The Juan Diego Project 2017

Every year in 8th grade, Our Lady of Guadalupe Students complete their Juan Diego Project, a culmination of their Service-Based Education. They choose a topic based on their interests, such as poverty, environment, healthcare, education, and more. Then, they conduct intensive research on that issue, using databases such as Academic OneFile and Proquest, and deliver a 30-40 minute interactive lecture to their peers on the topic. Additionally, they perform 20 hours of service in the field to gain hands on experience. Below are their culminating videos, which they created in trios. For more information about the project and about Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Service-Based Education, contact Mr. Santos or our school’s main office at 206.935.0651.

Fighting Local and Global Poverty

Improving our Communities at OLG

Erasing Insecurities

Care for Animals

Education for All

Living Healthy Lives

Serving Low-Income Families

Care for God’s Creation

Preserving Forests