8th Grade Homeroom

8th Grade News and Information




Updates and details for the 8th grade class will be shared primarily via email communications to families.

  • ALMA: All parents and students have access to Alma through the student portal. The link is here.

Faith Focus & Prayer Intentions: 

We hold in our hearts the families and friends, community members, loved ones and strangers who need our prayers.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be our hub for turning in most work, and our online portal for material collection for students. STUDENTS be sure to log in and add your classes for the 2021- 2022 School Year!

Students:  You can access your Google Classroom here. You should log in daily, M-F.

Parents: You are encouraged to accept the guardian role via Google Classroom. This will provide you with weekly, monthly or even daily updates on your child’s missing and upcoming work.

General 8th Grade Timeline (In Photos)

*Some aspects subject to change/shift due to COVID.

Behavior/ Citizenship Norms (Centered around the 7 CST)

  • Be respectful. Be Kind. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated. Use your manners. Be courteous. Say please, thank you and everything in between.  (Life and Dignity of the Human Person)
  • Participate. Communicate. Collaborate. Engage. (Call to Family, Community, and Participation)
  • “Act justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.” (Micah 6:8) Do what is right. Be honest. Speak up. Help others. Ask for help when you need it. (Rights and Responsibilities)
  • Step Up. Look Outward. Help Others. Serve without Seeking [credit/recognition]. (Option for the Poor and Vulnerable)
  • Show pride in your work. Own it. Always give your best. Never be afraid to try. Allow others to learn. (The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers)
  • We are all in this together. Support one another. (Solidarity)
  • Care for our classroom environment and learning community. Care for one another. (Care for God’s Creation)

Discipline Expectations

If disciplinary action is needed regarding behavior or incident, the OLG Family handbook will be followed. Communication home will be relayed in ALMA, and may also be communicated by the teacher or adult in charge during the class period/ time of incident. For more serious incidents, communication will come directly from the principal.

Cell Phones & Personal Devices

The cell phone policy supports students in being present in community with one another and limits classroom distractions.  Students are expected to turn off and put cell phones inside their backpacks before entering all school buildings. Other personal devices are not permitted out of backpacks, unless given explicit permission by a teacher for use during instruction.

Phones found outside the backpack will be confiscated and sent to the principal’s office.  Parents/guardians must claim these devices directly from the principal. All family communication during school hours will happen through the front office.

In the unplanned event of return Distance Learning, students should uphold these same policies. Phones and non- computer personal devices, tablets, televisions, etc. should be put away or turned off during synchronous learning, just as they would be in the in-person classroom. Unless explicit permission for use is given, we ask that distractions be limited to ensure students gain the most from the virtual learning environment.

Headphones should be worn and microphones should be muted during Distance Learning, to respect the collaborative work environment of your space, and also limit background noises and distraction. Respectfully umuting yourself to speak will allow all students to engage and participate, but will also limit talking over one another when connection speeds might vary. 

If cell phones/ extra personal devices become an issue of distraction or concern during Distance Learning, parents will be contacted directly. It will also be noted in ALMA.

Checking your grades? 

ALMA is our new system. You should be checking Google Classroom as well.

PARENTS: You will use your student’s ALMA login. There is not a parent portal at this time.

Middle School Teachers listed by 8th grade subject:

Ms. (Lauren) Hobbs:                   Social Studies/ LT & Religion        lhobbs@guadalupe-school.org

Mr. (JC) Santos:                          Language Arts/ Musical                jcsantos@guadalupe-school.org

Mrs. (Stacy) Kunst:                     Science                                         skunst@guadalupe-school.org

Ms. (Allie) Savio:                         Math                                              asavio@guadalupe-school.org

Mrs. Mackenzie (Sullivan):          P.E./Health                                    msullivan@guadalupe-school.org

Sra. (Vivette) Nofrietta:                Spanish                                        vnofrietta@guadalupe-school.org

Miss (Frances) McKamey:          Band                                             mckameyf@kennedyhs.org

8th Grade Families: 

Check these awesome videos out, made by the class of 2019!

Useful Website Links:

Language Arts:

Etymology sites:

Learning Style Strategies:

Email addresses for letters to Congress:


The following are possible resources for Catholic Social Teaching research:

Social Studies:

8th Grade US Constitution Info:


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Word Processing:



The Juan Diego Project 2017

Every year in 8th grade, Our Lady of Guadalupe Students complete their Juan Diego Project, a culmination of their Service-Based Education. They choose a topic based on their interests, such as poverty, environment, healthcare, education, and more. Then, they conduct intensive research on that issue, using databases such as Academic OneFile and Proquest, and deliver a 30-40 minute interactive lecture to their peers on the topic. Additionally, they perform 20 hours of service in the field to gain hands on experience. Below are their culminating videos, which they created in trios. For more information about the project and about Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Service-Based Education, contact Mr. Santos or our school’s main office at 206.935.0651.

Fighting Local and Global Poverty

Improving our Communities at OLG

Erasing Insecurities

Care for Animals

Education for All

Living Healthy Lives

Serving Low-Income Families

Care for God’s Creation

Preserving Forests