Middle School Math Specialist

When it comes to Math, middle school is a pivotal, transitional time in a student’s life. A time when cognitive problem-solving strategies learned in earlier grades carry into conceptional and abstract understanding of new math content. It is in these middle school years, that students create emotional attitudes and connections towards math that can last the rest of their lives.

This is why at OLG, we focus on making the Math Classroom an inviting one; developing positive math attitudes and applauding perseverance.

The Middle School Math Program at OLG, for Grades 6th through 8th, uses a variety of print and online resources, that are not only aligned to the Common Core Standards including the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, but that also allows us to build conceptual learning through experiences that applies math concepts in different situations and contexts.


Math courses for grades 6th and 7th are taught in a whole class instruction setting and focus on the foundational Pre-Algebra skills necessary for 8th grade. On the other hand, for 8th Grade, we have two different math courses:

  • Algebra: Based on the 8th Grade and Algebra 1 Common Core Concepts.
  • Accelerated Algebra: Based on the 8th Grade and Algebra 1 Common Core Concepts but covers all topics at a faster pace with more demands for independent work, proficient basic math skills, and strong organizational skills.

More details regarding the curriculum for each grade level can be found in the Curriculum Overview pages.

Middle School Math Notebooks:

The OLG Math Notebook replaces a traditional textbook and is an invaluable resource for students, serving as a comprehensive record of their learning throughout the year. This single, organized study companion becomes the most significant tool in the classroom; a dependable aid for completing assignments and preparing for assessments. Importantly, the math notebook is not a temporary resource; it becomes a valuable keepsake for students. Often, graduates return to express how their middle school math notebooks are still proving helpful in their high school classes.

High School Readiness:

High school readiness is a top priority. Our graduates are often accepted into top performing high schools and placed in advanced level math courses.

Independent Study: High School Geometry Khan Academy Course

This course is offered to high-achieving students in 7th and 8th Grade, at the invitation of the Math Specialist and is taken in addition to their grade-level math class. The Khan Academy Geometry Course is a primary source of materials, offering a series of articles, video tutorials, practice problems, quizzes, and unit tests. Monitored by the instructor, students are responsible for progressing through the course in sequence.