The Joseph Haggerty Leadership Award

Students are often awarded for their scholastic achievements. However, the Seattle Archdiocese also recognizes students who demonstrate leadership in their school communities, and at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School, we also believe students should be praised when they demonstrate strong qualities of character and leadership in service. That’s why, since 1999, OLG has recognized seventh graders with its Haggerty Leadership Award, named after Joseph Haggerty, a former Principal of OLG. Mr. Haggerty, believed in the leadership abilities of all the students, especially the eighth grade leaders of the school. He passed away in 2001. You may read his obituary HERE. 

The development of our students in service and leadership is a cornerstone of our school’s mission and philosophy, and our students are encouraged to become the hands and feet of God. Thus, it is incredibly inspiring to see our students, as they develop and grow, show true leadership in faith, academics and service.

Once they reach near the end of their time in Seventh Grade, students can apply for the Joseph Haggerty Leadership Award. Even though, applying is optional, it is highly encouraged. Students apply by writing an essay where they explain how they display one or more specific characteristics. Although, not graded, skill and clarity in writing will certainly help their case for the award. The characteristics evaluated are as follows:

Leadership in Faith: The student demonstrates an explicit knowledge of the Catholic faith and an awareness of its influence on his or her conduct as a school leader. Leadership in faith can be shown in any area of school life.

Leadership in Academic Achievement: The student demonstrates excellence in academic achievement in any subject and encourages or assists others to achieve. Special consideration should be given to students who have produced outstanding projects as evidence of their achievement or if they have shown marked and consistent improvement in academic performance.

Leadership in Co-curricular Participation: The student participates with distinction in a co-curricular activity sponsored by the school and encourages others to do so. Special consideration should be given to an activity that is important to the school’s mission.

Leadership in Community Building and Service: The student takes a leadership role in activities that build school community or that serve the local community. The student should be respected by peers for the quality of his or her leadership.

After a careful evaluation, the student who has demonstrated the most consistent and outstanding leadership qualities will be recognized through the Joseph Haggerty Award and, thus, they will not only have their name engraved on a plaque that will remain at school as an inspiration to their many fellow students, they will also receive a partial scholarship from the school for their Eight Grade year at OLG.