Uniform & Spiritwear

The uniform identifies one as a student of Our Lady of Guadalupe School. It also helps to encourage and reflect good grooming, responsible behavior and study habits. The dress code is based on modesty, neatness, cleanliness, good taste, and safety. Parents are expected to understand and support these guidelines as well as help their children make good choices about appropriate attire and grooming. Please contact the school before purchasing any items to be worn at school if you have questions or are unclear about the dress code.

OLG’s Dress Code Policy

What does full uniform or “blues” mean?

The formal full dress uniform must be worn with the OLG logo sweatshirt, vest, cardigan sweater or fleece.  Formal full dress or “blues” are required for All-School Mass for grades K-8. Please note that OLG Spirit Wear -with the bulldog logo- is NOT acceptable as proper uniform.

How to obtain uniform pieces (click bar for more detail):

Uniform "Blues" - Cardigans, Pullovers, Sweatshirts & Vests (purchase new)

Embroidered cardigans, pullover sweaters, sweater/fleece vests and sweatshirts meet the OLG Full Uniform Dress Code, typically referred to as "blues".  (OLG Spirit Wear (with the bull dog logo) is NOT to take place of uniforms).  See the School Calendar for scheduled All School Mass dates to make sure your student wears their "blues".

  • Uniform sweatshirts currently available at the front office (in stock, limited sizes).  Place your order here and pick up at the school office
  • Uniform sweatshirts and fleece vests are available in our online OLG Gear Store (s&h charges apply)
  • Uniform cardigans, pullovers and sweater vests are available to order from Dennis Uniform

Don't forget, gently used uniform blues are also available at no cost from the Uniform Exchange

Dennis Uniforms (purchase new)

Order new uniform items from Dennis Uniform

OLG School Code: XSO245

Special OLG discount all year: 15% off + free shipping on orders over $25

Uniform Exchange (gently used)

Parents are encouraged to utilize our Uniform Exchange where students can take uniform items for free. Families may take gently used uniform items donated as other students outgrow them.  Many are almost new.   Take the items you need and return them as your child grows.

  • To request (gently used) uniform pieces, contact Erin Pedras with approximate size/age of child and which uniform pieces you are seeking.  Uniform pieces will be available for pick up at the school office.  Don't know what to pick?  Check out uniform summary and sizing from the manufacturer.
  • Drop off outgrown items at the school office.  GENTLY USED pants, jumpers, skirts, etc at the bin by the front door.  No white shirts please unless new.

Any questions?  Interested in taking over the Uniform Exchange?  Contact Erin Pedras

Other Vendor Options (including OLG Masks)

For white shirts and navy pants/shorts, most families purchase from Old Navy, Target, Costco, Walmart, JC Penny, Lands End, etc.

OLG Masks are not an official part of the uniform, but they sure look great!  Mask orders fulfilled at the school office while supplies last.  Order online, or $5 per mask cash/check to the front office.  Youth size is sold out.  


P.E. Uniform and Shoes

Please see the P.E. Class pages

OLG Spirit Day

Let’s show off our school spirit!  On OLG Spirit Days, students are allowed to wear OLG spiritwear, anything CYO, or their uniform.  OLG spiritwear is clothing with the school logo or name, in lieu of uniform items.  Students may also wear CYO sports uniforms.  OLG Spirit Days are NOT free dress.  OLG spiritwear is NOT to take place of uniforms on regular uniform school days.  Students not wearing spiritwear or CYO sports uniforms on OLG Spirit Days should wear their daily school uniform.  See the School Calendar for scheduled OLG Spirit Days, which are generally the first Friday of the month.

OLG Spirit Wear 

Spirit Wear is available for purchase on the online OLG Store (OLG Spirit Wear (with the bull dog logo) is NOT acceptable as uniform).  

Occasionally, Spirit Wear items may be available from the uniform exchange to borrow.

Free Dress / Non-Uniform Days

On the occasional non-uniform days, students are allowed to wear clothing of their choice, provided that it is in good condition and appropriate for school. Such days will be announced throughout the year. Spandex, jeans or pants with holes or graffiti, or that are too baggy or sagging; as well as shirts with inappropriate words, slogans, or art, or ones that are oversized are never allowed. Halter-tops or any tops that do not cover the waist are not to be worn. Students may not wear hats inside the building on free-dress days. The only exception to this is on Spirit Days, when the hat may be part of the theme.