Uniform Guidelines

The uniform identifies one as a student of Our Lady of Guadalupe School. It also helps to encourage and reflect good grooming, responsible behavior and study habits. The dress code is based on modesty, neatness, cleanliness, good taste, and safety. Parents are expected to understand and support these guidelines as well as help their children make good choices about appropriate attire and grooming.

OLG’s Dress Code Policy

Please see our uniform policy starting on page 46 of the OLG Family Handbook.

What does Full Uniform or “blues” mean?

The formal full dress uniform must be worn with the OLG logo sweatshirt, vest, cardigan sweater or fleece.  Formal full dress or “blues” are required for All-School Mass for grades K-8 and other events. Pay attention to communication from your child’s homeroom teacher for days the class will attend mass, or other special days that require full uniform.

(Please note that OLG Spirit Wear (with the bulldog logo) is NOT acceptable as proper uniform – more here).  Contact the school if you are unclear about the dress code.

How to obtain uniform pieces (click bar for more detail):

Parents are encouraged to utilize our Uniform Exchange where students can take uniform items for free. Families may take gently used uniform items donated as other students outgrow them.  Take the items you need and return them as your child grows, at no cost.  Click bar below for more detail


P.E. Uniform and Shoes

Please see the P.E. Class pages

Non-Uniform Days

On the occasional non-uniform days, students are allowed to wear clothing to meet the themed dress for that day.  Or, your school uniform works too!  Please make sure to follow the non-uniform dress code outlined in the OLG Family Handbook (page 48). Themed-dress days will be announced throughout the year.  Check the school calendar, the latest weekly newsletter, and school/teacher email communications.  Sometimes the Student Council will announce an upcoming theme during school hours.  The school will try to give parents as much of a heads up as possible.

Students may not wear hats inside the building on non-uniform days. The only exception to this is on themed dress days when if the hat may be part of the theme.

OLG Spirit Wear

Please see the OLG Spirit Wear page