P.E. Uniform and Shoes


Shoes are the most important item for P.E. Students need supportive, secure foot wear for running, jumping and fast movements. Shoes must have laces or velcro closures to ensure that they will stay on. Backless, slip-ons, flats, hard soled Mary Jane’s or boots are not appropriate for P.E. class. Converse Chucks or Tom”s do not provide enough support or have the proper sole for P.E. activity.

Students may bring shoes for P.E., especially during our wet weather when many wear boots. They can change before and after class.

If a student does not have appropriate shoes for P.E., they will not participate in locomotor activities. This is for safety reasons and protecting our gym floors.

Please refer to the P.E. schedule for the days your child has P.E.


Grades K – 5

Students wear their school uniform to P.E. Girls should wear shorts under jumpers or skirts.

Sweaters and sweatshirts should be labeled with students name. As we warm up students are encouraged to remove their sweaters. I bring every item that is left after classes back to school. If names are on sweaters, I make sure they are returned to owners . Unmarked items are left in lost and found.

Grades 6 – 8

Students can wear black, navy or grey athletic warm-ups, sweats or shorts (uniform length) and white short sleeved t-shirts (small logos only). CYO OLG shirts are allowed even if they are not white. All clothing should not be extremely long or oversized. Students are encouraged to dress down for P.E. for comfort and hygiene.

No leggings, spandex, yoga pants or shirts with large logos are allowed.


Free Dress Days

If P.E. is on a free dress day, please consider wearing appropriate clothing and shoes. Long dresses, dress shoes or boots are not safe for P.E.