The OLG Graduate

Our Lady of Guadalupe graduates are confident, engaged learners; service-oriented leaders committed to making a positive impact; and students who excel academically, while demonstrating reflectivity and critical thinking skills. They are well prepared academically, socially and emotionally to take on the next steps in their education. They attend a variety of high schools in the greater Seattle area and beyond, as well as national boarding schools.

Our team works with each family to review the available options so that our graduating students find the right fit and gain acceptance to high schools that will further their academic growth and development. In addition, close collaboration and conversation with the high schools that OLG students attend has reinforced the preparedness of OLG graduates to excel in advanced high school courses and take on leadership opportunities. When they leave OLG, they are more than ready for the next four years and beyond.

Most of our students move into honors classes, AP classes, IB classes and take college courses as high school students.

OLG’s Alumni, live steps away from 35th Street and as far away as many other destinations around the world. In its ranks are artists, musicians, physicians, nurses, educators, lawyers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and public servants, all unified by the solid foundation of Catholic OLG  education.

Many OLG Alumni return to give back to the school; some work on campus, and some have now their own children attending the school.

OLG Alumni High School Placements in Recent Years:

  • Bishop Blanchet High School
  • Holy Names Academy
  • Kennedy Catholic High School
  • O’Dea High School
  • Seattle Preparatory School
  • Seattle Christian School
  • Raisebeck Aviation High School
  • West Seattle High School
  • Chief Sealth International High School
  • Lakeside School
  • Seattle Academy (SAAS)
  • Gonzaga Preparatory School
  • The Center School
  • Vashon High School


OLG Alumni College & University Placements:

OLG provides the foundation for many crucial skills your child will use throughout their academic and professional careers. During their time at the school, students reach crucial milestones and learn essential habits that will set them on a path toward success. Middle school students have unique needs, so they need to be treated differently than elementary or high school students. They are developing cognitively, physically, socially, and academically all at the same time. OLG creates and nurtures an environment where students and mature to successfully transition to the rigor of high school at their own pace.

Ivy League Schools:

  • Yale University, CT
  • Harvard University MA

Washington/Oregon State:

  • Washington State University (WSU)
  • Western Washington University
  • University of Washington
  • Central Washington University
  • Seattle University
  • Seattle Pacific University
  • University of Portland
  • University of Oregon

Rest of the United States:

  • University of Arizona, AZ
  • Arizona State University, AZ
  • California Polytechnic State University, CA
  • Loyola Marymount University, CA
  • University of San Diego, CA
  • Wesleyan University, CT
  • Georgetown University, DC
  • Boise State University, ID
  • Northwestern University, IL
  • Purdue, IN
  • University of Notre Dame, IN
  • Holy Cross College, IN
  • Park University, MO
  • Montana State University, MT
  • Duke University, NC