Homeroom Teachers

Mrs. Janet McClelland

VP & Early Learning Director

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As Vice Principal for the school and Director of the Early Learning Center (ELC) programs here at Our Lady of Guadalupe I have the opportunity to work with families in all their years at OLG. I am thrilled with the recent updates to our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classes!   I have a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College, CA. I have been teaching in Early Childhood for twenty five years.  I have two grown children and two wonderful dogs.  I am a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.  When I am not working I enjoy my wonderful family, friends and travel.


Ms. Heidi Coy

Preschool Co-Teacher

hcoy@guadalupe-school.org |
206-223-3486, ext. 127 | My Page

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Hello! My name is Heidi Coy and I am a co-teacher for the preschool classroom at Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is my 4th year teaching preschool at OLG and I feel very blessed to be a part of an amazing community! A little bit about me, I have 3 children, one of which attends OLG in 6th grade. My middle is in 4th grade and youngest in 2nd grade this year. When I am not working at OLG I am usually at my kids sporting events, or hanging out with family!

Mrs. Heather Owens

Preschool Co-Teacher

howens@guadalupe-school.org |
206-223-3486, ext. 127 | My Page

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Hello all. My name is Heather Owens or as the kids call me Ms. Heather or Mrs. Owens…My journey with OLG began many years ago when I became a parishioner of the church. A few years later I was married here at OLG and then both of my children were baptized here as well. My husband (Chris Owens) and his three sisters are all Alumni of OLG. My mother in law worked at the school and Parish office where she eventually retired from some 20 years later. I am on my 4th year of working at OLG and what a GREAT 4 years it has been. It all started with a part time position that has turned into the best career decision of my life. I am beyond grateful to be a part of this amazing OLG community. And even more grateful I get to work with all of your amazing children each day.

Mrs. Estrella Ovena

Pre-K Co-Teacher

eovena@guadalupe-school.org |
206-223-3486, ext. 119 | My Page

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Mrs. Jeanine Morley

Pre-K Co-Teacher

jmorley@guadalupe-school.org |
206-223-3486, ext. 119 | My Page

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My name is Jeanine Morley and I am the Pre-School / Pre-K instructional assistant. I have a bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University and have been been an instructional assistant at OLG for 8 six years. I also spent many years as a tutor in the Sound Partners program. We are members of the parish and my three children graduated from OLG. We love the Guadalupe community!

Mrs. Shelby Lange


slange@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651, ext. 106 | My Page

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Hello everyone! My name is Shelby Lange, and I am so thrilled to join the OLG team and community! I am so excited to take on the kindergarten position and meet all the students and staff! OLG seems like a wonderful community to join and flourish as an educator! For the last 5 years I have taught primary grades in the Renton School District. I am sure that once we get to know each other you will see my deep passion for education and specifically working with primary students. My husband and I live in West Seattle and enjoy walking in the beautiful neighborhoods. I also love to play board games, read, and spend time with my friends and family. I can’t wait to get started and meet you!

Ms. Taylor Baber

First Grade

tbaber@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651, ext. 105 | My Page

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My name is Taylor Baber and I will be the 1st grade teacher for Our Lady Of Guadalupe! I’m super excited to be a part of this team. It’s going to be a fun year full of learning and new adventures! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. I want to know all about you but first here are some fun facts about me!

I graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Elementary Education. I have lots of experience working with K-2nd graders. My favorite Subject to teach is Reading and Writing and my all time favorite book to read aloud is The Book With No Pictures.

When I’m not teaching you can find me having fun in the sun! My favorite season is Summer! I love to go camping, Paddle boarding and swimming. I also love going on hikes around the PNW and playing catch with my golden retriever. I also love coffee and dark chocolate!

I look forward to a great year!

Mrs. Katie Hart

Second Grade

khart@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651 ext.107 | My Page

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See my video Bio!

I’m so excited to be teaching Second Grade at OLG! I have been a member of the parish for many years and my daughters have both attended OLG starting in preschool. Mary Kate attends Holy Names and Luce will be in Seventh Grade at OLG.

I was a classroom teacher for eleven years. I took three years off from teaching to stay home when my girls were young. While I was a stay-at-home mom I completed the School Library Professional Program at the University of Washington and am endorsed in Library Media. I was the Teacher-Librarian at St. George School for the past ten years. I received my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Eastern Washington University in 1998. I finished my Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Seattle University in August 2003.

I like working for the Archdiocese of Seattle because I like being a part of a faith filled community where parental involvement and community support is an integral part of the learning process. I am a creative teacher who has a wealth of experience with students from all kinds of backgrounds and am able to meet individual student needs. I have had many different experiences working with children, teaching middle school language arts, working at an inner-city school, and teaching Spanish to my third grade students. I have also worked at a summer camp, tutored homeless children and taught Summer School for Seattle School District for four summers. I worked with a very diverse group of children in each of these settings.

I live right down the street from OLG with my family, and am looking forward to being able to walk to work! We have a dog, Luna and two cats, Tron & Caramel. I love reading, traveling, getting outside and spending time with my family.

Mrs. Rachel Hoch

Third Grade

rhoch@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651 ext.104 | My Page

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My name is Rachel Hoch-Cushman (known as Mrs. Hoch at OLG) and I have been the 2nd grade teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe School since 2004. This year I am delighted & blessed to be “jumping up” to third grade! Before coming to OLG, I spent 10 years working in University ministry and faith formation at Colorado State University. I received my teaching certificate from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in 2004, and completed my Masters of Arts in Teaching degree through UNC in 2007.

It was an exciting summer of learning and adventures. In June, I taught a fun Art & Music camp for OLG students. We had so much fun learning about different styles of art, music. During the summer, I delight in spending time with my family, enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. My husband, two kiddos (ages 6 and 4), and I all love adventuring! This year we spent 3 weeks camping through Washington state, followed by 3 weeks on the east coast visiting family & playing on the beach at Chincoteague Island in VA. It was so much fun to spend the entire summer being together in the great outdoors. Our family looks forward to many more outdoor adventures in the coming year!

Here at Guadalupe, I’m excited to journey through the year with the third graders and their families as we grow together in academics and faith!


Ms. Katie Chatham

Fourth Grade

kchatham@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651, ext. 108 | My Page

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My name is Katie Chatham and I am very excited to be the new 4th grade teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe! This will be my second year teaching, as I taught 6th and 7th grade in Costa Rica last year. When I’m not teaching, I am spending time with my mom and brothers or cuddled up with my pup on the couch reading a book. You may also find me on the mountain, snowboarding in the winter or hiking in the summer.

Mr. Jake Zwaller

Fifth Grade

jzwaller@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651, ext. 113 | My Page

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I am extremely excited to be the new 5th grade teacher for the 2023/2024 school year! During the fall, I did my student teaching in a 5th grade classroom and loved everything about it. I knew if it was up to me I would want to find a teaching job in 5th grade, so this is an opportunity I am thrilled for. Having worked at the school since January, I have had the opportunity to get to know many of the classes and learn what this school and community are all about. I am looking forward to getting to work with such a great class and community!

Mr. Niko Serpanos

Sixth Grade / Science

nserpanos@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651, ext. 117 | My Page

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Hello! My name is Niko Serpanos and I am super excited to join Our Lady of Guadalupe this year!

I studied education at the University of Washington Bothell, where I was elected the first ever representative of the Chancellor’s advisory committee for the school of education. During my studies I earned a scholarship position as study abroad ambassador which brought me to Varanasi, India to teach curriculum design.

When I am not in the classroom teaching, you can find me often traveling to new locations, playing video games with friends, going to the movies, and spending time with my family. I have an orange tabby who is 13 and his name is Frappé. Aside from being a huge fan of science and technology my educational philosophy is marked by a hands-on, inquiry-driven, and project-oriented approach.


My goal as a teacher is to make science a topic of exploration and critical thinking that excites our learners each day. Last year as a science teacher, I had the opportunity to be a homeroom teacher for 7/8th grade at the Academy for Precision Learning. It was one of my favorite classes, and so this year I look forward to being a 6th grade Homeroom teacher and meeting the amazing community here at OLG!

Mr. Juan Carlos Santos

Seventh Grade

jcsantos@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651, ext. 111 | My Page

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Name: J.C. Santos
Nicknames: Sifusantos, Mr. Santa
Teaches: Literature, Language Arts, Spellig, Social Studies, Technology, Old Testament, Church History, Morality, and irony…
Extra Curricular: Speech team, yearbook, talent show, all things 8th grade, kitchen wizard.
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Basketball, writing, singing, singing at church, meditating, song-writing, eating at restaurants, traveling – especially to the ocean and mountains.
Years experience: 14
Other teaching experience: Shorewood High School & Maui Preparatory Academy
Education: BA in Journalism, BA in Humanities, Master in Teaching, all from Seattle University. O’Dea High School graduate. St. Benedict School graduate.
Favorite worldly travels: Tokyo, New Zealand’s North Island, Roma, Venezia, Lourdes, Bruges, Cologne, Barcelona, and Hawaii.
Super power I’d like most: The ability to fly and telekinesis/telepathy.
Favorite movies: Lord of the Rings; The Hobbit
Favorite musician: Sade, Jazz, Folk
Favorite Sports Team: SeaaaHawwwwwks! and I’m still a die hard Supersonics fan!
Favorite restaurants: Hmmm… Okay, here’s five in no particular order: Umi (for their innovative sushi), Mediterranean Kitchen in Bellevue (for the best meal I’ve ever had, Dajaj Mishwi, and outstanding service), Gordito’s (for the biggest, bestest burritos a ten dollar bill can buy), New Star (best Chinese food in the city), and lastly West Seattle Fish House (for their impeccable tilapia).
Why I teach at OLG can be summed up in two words: loving community. In my time here, I’ve witnessed a parish community that is supportive, gritty, passionate, challenging, and united. It’s invigorating as a human being to be a part of something bigger than oneself, and my path happened to lead me to High Point. I feel like I make a difference for my neighbors here. There’s no better sense of accomplishment than feeling like you’re carrying out God’s work.

Like this community, I am a dreamer. Age has helped the realist in me emerge, but I believe because of this community, the idealist in me lives on. That balance helps me prepare my students for a world that seems to be spinning farther away from simple, and deeper into socio-political-technological complexities.

I love working at OLG, so much so that I wish I could make “Diego” my middle name. It’s a wonderful place to teach, grounded in service and faith.

Mr. Casey Loose

Eighth Grade

cloose@guadalupe-school.org |
206-935-0651, ext. 112 | My Page

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Hello Guadalupe Families! My name is Casey Loose, and I am lucky to be the Eighth Grade teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. I grew up in Colorado, went to High School in Wyoming, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Metropolitan State University in Denver. From there I moved to New York City and worked with many world-class artists, managing their studios and assisting them in fabrication. Along the way, I rediscovered my love of education.

After teaching a series of after-school art classes, I pursued and received a Master’s Degree in Childhood Education from Hunter College in New York City. I have taught in New York City public schools (grades 2-5). My wife and I recently moved to Seattle, where she is from, to be closer to family and the beautiful nature in the Pacific Northwest. I am completely thrilled and fortunate to be part of the OLG community.

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