Learning Support Specialist


I am delighted to be back at OLG this year! In my 26th year of teaching I am ready to embrace a new challenge as the Learning Support Specialist. In my new role I get to model a growth mindset and the amazing gift of a BUBBLE GUM BRAIN. Undoubtedly, I will continue to learn and draw inspiration from my peers, students, and the families.

I will begin the journey as the Learning Support Specialist by continuing the tradition of small, flexible math groups. We will continue to promote practical application of math ideas and skills while building conceptual understanding while instilling a spirit of joy and perseverance!

As I move through the year I will be shadowing our fearless leader, Mr. Kramer, in his management of the various learning supports already in place here at OLG with a goal to lighten his administrative load and provide more support to students, families and staff in meeting the diverse learning needs of our community. I am eager to explore new and varied means of support!

Here’s to a new adventure at OLG!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!



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