Learning Support Specialist

Hello everyone!

In 2022, my 26th year of teaching at OLG, I was ready to embrace a new challenge as the new Learning Support Specialist. In this role I get to model a growth mindset and share with our students the amazing gift of a BUBBLE GUM BRAIN.

What is a Bubble Gum Brain you may ask? I invite you to click on the link above and learn more. In a nutshell, the idea of a “Bubble Gum Brain” comes from a kids’ book by Julia Cook, titled “Bubble Gum Brain”. In the story, she presents two types of brain: the bubble gum one and the brick brain. The Bubble Gum Brain is the one that likes to chew on its thoughts, flex, bend, stretch and expand the way it thinks! It also makes great mistakes that help it learn. This creative story teaches children (and adults) the valuable lesson that “becoming is better than being,” which can open the door to a whole new world of possibilities! This is precisely the mindset I am always so excited to share with our students as I, continuously,  keep “stretching” my brain and learning and drawing inspiration from my peers, students, and the families.

In terms of our approach, we are continuing the tradition of small, flexible Math groups. We also continue to promote practical application of Math ideas and skills while building conceptual understanding while instilling a spirit of joy and perseverance!

I am delighted to now be in a role that allows me to provide even more support to students, families and staff and work in meeting the diverse learning needs of our community.

Here’s to a new adventure at OLG!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!

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