Meet Mrs. Rita Gazewood

Greetings! My name is Mrs. Rita Gazewood. My studies at Montana State University-Billings included a major of Elementary Education (K-8) and a minor of Reading (K-12). I explored various school structures and grade levels to find my teaching passion. My faith led me to Catholic education. I enjoyed being the first-grade teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe School for more than twenty years.  My love of learning and passion to embrace and grow the gifts of all students has brought me to the role of Learning Support Specialist. Witnessing students’ skills and confidence blossom fills me with joy!

The summer of 2022, my family and I made our yearly trip home to Montana. The trip to “Big Sky Country” was bittersweet, as it was the first one where time with my mother was not on the docket. She passed away in 2021 at 90 years young. With time to reflect, I pondered my new role of Learning Support Specialist at OLG and was reminded of my mother’s delight in learning adventures. When I was still in diapers she returned to school with 10 small children at home to earn her master’s degree. Then many years later when she was disabled by cancer, she returned to school yet again to pursue an advanced degree in art. She was the model of resiliency! Our trip’s timing allowed us the opportunity to attended Crow Fair, a celebration of my ancestors. As we watched the graceful dancers I recalled the last time I took her to this celebration and how she couldn’t help but dance. As I moved into my new role, I was inspired to stretch my wings and find joy in the small moments!

As a teacher, a parishioner, and a parent of a 2020 OLG graduate, I am thrilled to continue being part of the amazing OLG community!

God Bless!

Rita Gazewood