Why Catholic Education?

We’ve all seen the barrage of headlines. Low test scores. Declining graduation rates. Drugs, bullying and fighting. It can all be a little disheartening. But for the hundreds of kids attending Catholic schools, the future could not be brighter. Their parents have chosen to put them in these schools for some not-so-obvious reasons. It is handy shorthand to think parents want a Catholic education for their children because they are Catholic themselves, but that is -many times- not true. When you dig deeper, you discover parents want something they associate with Catholic living: a strong moral center, a feeling of personal worth, character, integrity, compassion and caring for others.

Our Lady of Guadalupe School believes that parents are their child’s primary educators. As such, parents have many options in selecting an educational institution for their child. Our goal is to provide our students with on-going formation in their faith, to develop each child’s God-given gifts, and to prepare them for success in higher education and the global marketplace. We do this through a challenging curriculum, the support of our parents, and in a nurturing environment.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School welcomes students of all backgrounds and faiths to experience the comprehensive education of mind, heart, and spirit. Consider your student’s academic career a success story waiting to be written. Consider the possibilities and potential to be realized.

Experience service, love and academic excellence become one at OLG.

Quite often, parents are unaware of the significant advantages offered by Catholic schools. However, a tour of a Catholic school classroom promises a fulfilling experience: smartboards and computers; small class sizes with exceptional teachers who provide individual attention; solid, often superior academics; discipline and a sound spirituality. A place where teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn.

There is so much more for us to share about what makes Catholic education!

You can keep learning about Catholic education at the Archdiocese of Seattle Catholic Schools website