Spring Concert

The OLG School Spring Concert brings the entire school community together for an event featuring singers and musicians from PreSchool through Eight Grade, as we celebrate the conclusion of another year. Held in the OLG Parish Church, families get to listen to some choral classics, fun folk tunes, and works that highlight the talent and hard work of our young students. Our Spring Concert is sure to be testament to the power of choral education and community.

Being onstage can be daunting no matter how old you are. At OLG, our students have plenty of opportunities, every year not only to showcase their abilities and talents, but also to build their courage in front of an audience, a skill that will continue to serve them throughout their years at OLG, high school, college and eventually, in the workforce. Courageously persevering through fear, anxiety, or insecurity is something we want all of our students to learn … and something we know will continue to benefit them multiple times over!

It is incredibly rewarding to see how the OLG Spring Concert, as well as all their other various performances, so positively affects our students, year after year. It’s quite special for us to have a role in their lives introducing these benefits and helping them grow. And while we will always celebrate see our students’ progress as a singers and musicians, we also get to see their growth in other unexpected ways, such as resilience, strength, and commitment.