Annual School Fund

How do we make OLG accessible to all?  By having great programs with excellent staff and at tuition rates that are affordable!

Our Goal this Year: $100,000

Only YOU can help us reach it!

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What is the Annual School Fund?

The OLG School Fund and School Fund Drive began many  years ago with the goal of providing a source of funding for items not included in the annual budget such as tuition assistance for families in need, facility and educational improvements, professional development for our faculty, and an investment in the future of Catholic education at OLG.

Why does OLG need an Annual School Fund?

Tuition covers only 80% of the foundational cost of educating our students. Thus, the OLG Annual School Fund provides the resources that make the Our Lady of Guadalupe experience truly exceptional. OLG Alumni, parents and friends of the school invest in the current generation of students through their donations. This generosity strengthens the school’s programs and serves as an important endorsement of our mission to form children dedicated to achievement, service, and leadership.

How is the Annual School Fund money used?

This essential financial support is applied to areas of need, including, but not limited to:

    • Providing tuition assistance to families in need. This year more than $200,000 was awarded in order to offset the COVID and inflationary economics still impacting our community!
    • Offer enriching teacher and staff professional development opportunities such as the ongoing support of the new and exciting Academic Excellence Initiative launched this year. Other initiatives to support our teachers and staff’s professional development, and which also reflect our focus in academic excellence, have included our Distinguished Educator Award.
    • Contribute to our school Endowment which continues to build towards our goal of a $1 Million corpus to be used for longterm physical upkeep and tuition assistance needs.


Why do we ask for contributions when families already pay tuition?

OLG strives to keep tuition rates affordable to all. As a result, tuition income allows the school cover a significant portion of the cost of education for each child, but it does not cover it all. Tuition/fees comprise approximately ONLY 80% of the school budget. The gap between revenue from tuition/fees and the actual cost of educating our students is bridged through fundraising and subsidy from the OLG parish.

I don’t have children who attend OLG. Why should I give to the Annual Fund?

When we donate to our local schools, that donation goes back into the community. This is an investment in our future. It’s important now more than ever to support our children and give them everything they need to succeed in life. Our Lady of Guadalupe School is an integral part of the community as it aims to be a place where everyone is welcome and where everyone can have access quality education that focuses as much in academics as on the whole child’s wellbeing. The OLG’s Annual Fund is an essential source of funds for the school. Each year we ask all members of our community to consider a gift to the Annual Fund so we can ensure that OLG continues its mission and continues providing the best experience to our students.

I see that the Annual School Fund is largely used for the school’s most current projects or expenses. How could I make a more “permanent” contribution to the school? 

First of all, THANK YOU for thinking of the future of the school! If you would like to make an even more significant contribution that, in some way may link you, as the supporter, to not just the school but also our community’s past, current, and future generations, you may consider making a gift to OLG’s Endowment Fund. An Endowment Fund is an aggregation of assets invested by a school or university to support its educational mission in perpetuity. Because an endowment gift will be invested permanently, you can truly leave a mark in the life and future of OLG. Our school’s Endowment Fund continues to build towards our goal of a $1 Million corpus. We still have a long way to go but YOU could make a difference and help us get there!

For more information about making a gift to OLG’s Endowment Fund, please contact Carla Mayuri, Development Director at 206-935-0651 ext. 122.


Donations to our Annual School Fund can be made online HERE, or by contacting Carla Mayuri, Development Director, at 206-935-0651 ext. 122




Your support of the Our Lady of Guadalupe School makes a world of difference!



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