OLG’s Juan Diego Service Project

After going through the Missionary Discipleship Institute journey in Seventh Grade, our students continue their growth as service oriented young teens, with the The Juan Diego Project (JDP), the long-standing OLG traditional 8th Grade independent student service project -and parent supported- centered around social justice, advocacy and community relationships. It is a year-long commitment to an organization in which stewardship and service is provided by the student for a total of 20 service hours, completed by the student.

Over the course of the year, students will be presenting to various groups in multiple ways, aligning their project to Catholic Social Teaching (CST), our School Wide Learning Expectations (SLEs) and our call to social justice.

The project consists of three main components:

  • Service: 20 hours with an organization. This is done independently, outside of school.
  • Research: Focus on an area of concern (based on CST or social justice issue)
  • Advocacy: Sharing what you have learned with the greater community.

Take a look at the different organizations where students of this year’s graduating class completed their service hours as well as the many other organizations and communities our graduates have served throughout the years. We also invite you to check out a past article on the West Seattle Blog, featuring that year’s graduating class’ Juan Diego Projects.

Thus, OLG students, whether Catholic or not, finish their OLG journey united by the values of service, community and love for others, which is the foundation of our school’s educational mission, rooted in faith and tied to Catholic Social Teaching. Our students continue their journey as OLG graduates while striving to be a light and inspiration to those around them.