Our Fundraising Commitment

The OLG Parent Org hosts two major fundraisers throughout the school year, in addition to many other fundraising events, activities and programs. Our fundraising commitment to our school helps ensure OLG’s mission to provide a quality, comprehensive, faith-based education to families within our community, regardless of income level.

While all families are asked to participate in fundraising activities, we’re proud to have visible, active support from grandparents and extended family, as well as our local community. These activities not only enhance the children’s Catholic education at OLG by contributing to the school’s operating budget and providing funds for tuition assistance and essential school programs, they also provide wonderful opportunities to meet and socialize with other school families.

Our current commitment is to raise and provide $125,000 to OLG School annually

Our fundraising helps defray tuition rates and pay for school operational expenses, pay for fun school events and activities, assist with teachers’ professional development, and more!

How We Raise Money

We raise money through a wide variety of fundraising activities. Take a look at our main fundraising events and our current fundraising cashback programs