Events at OLG

Ok…maybe (just maybe) OLG events are not the “Taylor Swift/Beyonce-concert” type…BUT…that does not mean they are not exciting occasions highlighted on everyone’s calendar! THEY ARE!

At OLG, we certainly know how to have fun and bring our community together through a wide range of events and activities (and so many more to come this school year!) We invite you to follow the links below to learn more and discover why OLG is such a welcoming and fun community!

Take a look at our upcoming events this month and JOIN US!

Get to know our main Fundraising Events!

Check out our main School Calendar

Discover more events through our Parish Calendar

But most importantly…

Whether you are introvert or an extrovert…a natural leader or someone who prefers to follow directions…we have SO MANY opportunities to get involved with our community!

Just go for it! Take a look at all our volunteer opportunities!