Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Look no further. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page makes it easy for you to find answers to your most pressing inquiries into OLG. If you can’t find your answer here, please feel free to contact us or use our site search to find the information you need.

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Our Common Acronyms

  • OLG = Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • EDC = Extended Day Care (Before & after school care)
  • ELC = Early Learning Center (PreSchool & Pre-K classes)
  • FCE = Family Communication Envelope
  • PO   = Parent Organization (that is all of us!)

Why is OLG a great educational choice?

What’s the best part about OLG?

Most say that what makes our school so special is that Our Lady of Guadalupe School is truly more than a school. It is a caring, warm and welcoming diverse community, full of passionate faculty, staff, and students.

At OLG, we emphasize service, academics, leadership, and faith. If you are looking for a school focused on academic excellence through a STEAM educational approach, as well as nurturing a sprit of service and leadership, then OLG may be a great choice for your family.  By choosing OLG, you will know your children will be loved, nurtured, and will grow emotionally and academically to be more than well prepared for high school and beyond.

You can learn more about what makes OLG a great option for your children's education at our The OLG Difference page.

What academic curriculum do you offer?

In a snapshop, we offer:

a) Common Core Standards (Language Arts and Math)
b) Next Generation Science Standards (Science)
c) WA State Social Studies Standards (Social Studies)
d) Archdiocese of Seattle Religion Standards

More details about our fantastic curriculum can be found on our Academic Excellence page or under the Classes menu.

Are you a STEM School?

While we may not hold an official designation for being a STEM school, our academic curriculum across all grades follows an STEAM educational approach. STEAM is an integrative approach that builds student interest in science, technology, engineering, arts and math as it develops a range of important skills. The "A" in STEAM refers to "arts", but not only to visual arts and design but also to language arts, humanities, music, drama, dance and media.

At OLG, our curriculum and instruction is designed so that students use creative processes and multiple methods of inquiry and investigation, from among the five disciplines, in every subject, helping them develop a range of hard and soft skills.

Are languages and arts are offered?

Yes. We have specialists for a variety of liberal arts.Our Spanish program extends from PreSchool to 8th Grade.We also have specialists for Art, Music, Library, Technology, Social Emotional Learning and Physical Education for all grades.Band is offered for Grades 5th through 8th. After-school programs offer additional opportunities in Chinese, Chess, Coding, STEM, Performance Arts and so much more.

Are team sports available? 

Yes! OLG CYO (“Catholic Youth Organization”) offers sports’ teams for kids in grades K-8 as well as adults (age 21+), as participation in OLG CYO Athletics is open to both OLG parishioners and school families which strengthens the overall community feel of OLG.

Please visit our Sports at OLG page for more information. Go Bulldogs!

Do you have clubs, exposure to the arts and additional STEM opportunities? 

Yes. Our wide range of extra-curricular programs provide additional fun and learning opportunities. Some examples of our extracurricular STEAM opportunities are:

* School musicals
* Acting techniques
* Instrumental classes for band
* Choir
* Lego Classes
* Science Fairs
* Musical theater

Are there opportunities for gifted students?

Yes, enrichment opportunities are class by class based.  For instance, we offer Accelerated Algebra or Algebra for 8th graders.

Do you offer support for students who need extra help?

Yes, OLG School is committed to academic excellence for every child. The school has strong and well-established support in place to assist students who may need extra time to fully grasp a concept, as well as those who benefit from one-on-one tutoring. You can find out more on our  Student Support Programs page.

What is the average amount of homework per night?

For students attending Kindergarten through 2nd Grade: Homework is weekly, in packet form.For students attending 3rd through 8th Grade: Homework varies between 1 to 2 hours a night, excluding required nightly reading and long-term projects.* Middle School can also expect homework on weekends.

* Much of the homework in middle school is technology based.

Do you offer before or after school care? 

Yes. Before and After Care is offered on most school days (you may consult the School Calendar for any exceptions), for all grades from 7:00am until 6:00pm. Please visit our WrapAround Care page for our Early Learning Center students (PreSchool and Pre-K).

For students attending Kindergarten through 8th Grade, please visit our EDC page for before/after school care information.

Do you have to be Catholic to come to OLG?

No. All are welcome as Catholic education is truly for everyone!

While the majority of our students are Catholic or Christian, this is not a requirement.Students will be taught the Catholic faith in Religion class, will be expected to uphold the Catholic values, and will learn the Catholic traditions but are certainly not required to be Catholic to attend OLG.

You can find out more about why Catholic education is for everyone HERE. 

What about uniforms?

Yes. OLG students attending Kindergarten through 8th Grade do wear a uniform.

You can find all relevant information about the school's dress code and guidelines on our Uniform/Spiritwear page.

Do you require service or volunteering hours to be completed by parents?

Volunteer hours (aka Commitment hours) are required for all school families.

While all school families are required to complete a set number of volunteer hours per school year, we strive to make the process as easy and flexible as possible so that completing your family’s required number of volunteer hours is realistic and fully achievable, regardless of your situation.

Please visit our school families' Volunteering page for more information.

Arrival & Dismissal FAQs

What are the regular school hours?

For ELC (PreSchool & Pre-K):

Regular ELC full day programs run from 8:00am to 3:00pm.For grades Kindergarten through 8th:

Regular school days run from 8:30am to 3:00pm.

However, we have Early Dismissal every Wednesday. On these days, the school day ends at 2:15pm.There are also some half-days of school, when dismissal is at 12:00pm. Please consult the School Calendar for details.

At what time and where should I drop off my child?

For ELC (PreSchool & Pre-K):

Students should be dropped off by 8:00am. Please park on 34th Street (Early Learning Center's Main Entrance) to accompany and sign your child into school. Make sure to sign them out as well.For grades Kindergarten through 8th:

Students can arrive or be dropped off from 8:15am to 8:30am, time when the bell rings and school doors close.There are two main entrances to our school:

a) Main Door:    Located on Myrtle Street
b) South Door:  Located on 35th Street, adjacent to the church's parking lotWe suggest the following entrances, based on the students' grades and classroom location:

a) For Kindergarten through 3rd Grade:  Through the South Door
b) For 4th Grade through 8th Grade:       Through the Main Door

When dropping off your children please remember to stay in your vehicle and move forward with traffic. If you wish to walk your child to the school entrance, please park in designated areas.For earlier drop off times, please see our Extended Day Care program which starts at 7:00am.

What happens if students arrive after the school doors have closed?

Once the Tardy Bell rings at 8:30am and the school doors' close, students will need to come in through the main entrance and register their arrival time at school reception.

What do I do if my student is absent or tardy?

To report your student being absent or tardy, please call our main school line at 206-935-0651.

In addition, please make sure to speak to your child's teacher regarding any work missed due to absence.

What do I do if I need to take my child home from school early?

We are always glad to assist parents or guardians when it may be necessary to pick up their children early.
Upon arrival to the school, please make sure to -first- check in at the school's office to sign out your children. The office staff will contact the classroom teacher and have him/her sent down to the office. This will give your child and teacher time to gather his/her backpack and homework.Please do not go to the classroom to pick up your child. Thank you!

What if my plans change during the day and I need change my end of the day plan?

If plans change for you, please call the main office and we will have you leave a voicemail for the teacher.  If you know ahead of time, please contact the office and teacher of the change in plans.

At what time and where should I pick up my child?

For ELC (PreSchool & Pre-K):

Students should be picked up at 3:00pm, if enrolled in our full day program. Please park on 34th Street (Early Learning Center's Main Entrance) to sign out your child from school. For grades Kindergarten through 8th:

Regular end of day pick up is at 3:00pm (or 2:15pm on Wednesdays)- Kindergarten students should be picked up at the South Door.
- Students in grades 1st through 8th should be picked up at the Main Lot Carpool (in front of the gym).

Please note that children will be released when eye contact is made by the teacher. Watch the "How to Carpool" video.For later pick up times, please see our Extended Day Care program which runs from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

What happens if I am late for pick up?

For ELC (PreSchool & Pre-K):

Before (7:00am to 8:00am) and after school (3:00pm to 6:00pm) are separate from school times. Please see our WrapAround Care page for information on how to sign up to use this service.For grades Kindergarten through 8th:

Once 10 minutes have passed after dismissal time, students who haven’t been picked-up will be escorted to Extended Day Care.

Can I meet my child outside his/her classroom?

No, please meet your child at the designated pick up area outside the building. All students leaving before set dismissal time must be checked out through the school office.

School Life – Day to Day FAQs

How do I stay informed about what is happening on campus or any school news?

For ELC (PreSchool & Pre-K):

BrightWheel is the platform used for signing in and out as well as daily communication. If you are a new school family, an invitation to the app is sent in August.For ALL School Families:

Email is the primary way OLG communicates with families. Our school office staff is also available via phone during school hours.a) During the school year, starting in August, OLG sends an all-school newsletter every week on Thursdays via email. The weekly newsletter is also posted on our school's home page each week. Please be sure to read thoroughly for important information regarding school happenings and important announcements.

b) If you are not receiving our emails, please let us know.

c) You may receive emails from your student’s teacher, your PO Classroom Rep, or the school office. We do our best to keep email communications limited and essential.Online School Calendar: Here you will find event details and updates. Make sure you subscribe to keep up with any changes.Occasionally hard copies of information will be sent home with the youngest child.

Do OLG students wear uniforms?

Yes. OLG students attending Kindergarten through 8th Grade do wear a uniform.a) New uniforms are available through Dennis Uniform including cardigans, pullovers and sweater vests. Our school code is XSO245.

b) Sweatshirts and fleece vests can be purchased online: OLG Website

c) OLG Bulldog “Spirit Wear” (to be worn on designated days) can be purchased online at the OLG Gear Store

d) Shoes should be appropriate for recess and PE. No boots, open-toed sandals or Crocs for safety purposes.Our uniform exchange will be open on August 23rd during our Ice Cream Social!What does full dress uniform mean? The formal full dress uniform (blues) for Grades K-8 must be worn with the logo sweatshirt, vest, cardigan sweater or fleece. Formal full dress is required for all-school masses for grades K-8 and special events. You can find all relevant information about the school's dress code and guidelines on our Uniform/Spiritwear page.

Do you have a lunch program?

For ELC (PreSchool & Pre-K):

No. All students bring their own lunches from home. Milk, however, is provided.For grades Kindergarten through 8th:

Yes. Students are welcome to bring their own lunch or families can order lunch online in advance through our Hot School Lunch Program.

What are your current health and safety protocols regarding recess and bathroom use?

a) Recess & bathroom use is staggered throughout the day so that class cohorts are maintained, along with extra building and high touch area cleanings.
b) Increased airflow measures means that all students should be dressed for the weather as we will be keeping windows open and utilizing outdoor learning and recess as often as we can.
c) We limit outside visitors to keep our cohorts as safe as possible.
d) We continue to follow public health guidelines and communicate revisions in the weekly School Newsletter.

Can my child take medication at school?

The school relies on the cooperation of parents/guardians to safely and effectively administer medication to our students as required.

Parents/guardians are responsible for:

a) Supplying all medications (the school does not supply medications for students)
b) Transporting medication to and from school
c) If your child needs prescription or non-prescription medication during the school day, an Authorization to Administer Medication form must be completed.
d) Any medication that must be taken at school, prescription or over-the-counter, must be kept in its original container and locked in the school's medicine cabinet.
e) Students are not allowed to carry medication with them at any time at school, in lunch boxes, or in the classroom.Please note that the Authorization to Administer Medication form requires to include the doctor's and parent's signatures.All of these requirements are WA state laws.

What happens if my child gets sick at school?

Students who are not feeling well are sent to the school main office for an overall check.

If we determine the student is too ill to remain in class, parents or guardians will be notified. For this reason, it is critical that current emergency information and numbers are kept up to date.PLEASE do not send your child to school if he/she is already sick before school begins.

May I bring an item my student has forgotten?

While we stress the importance of students being responsible and prepared for their day, sometimes the need arises when items need to be brought in during the school day.

Rather than disrupt the classroom with a delivery, parents should leave these items at the school office. We will arrange delivery of the item(s) at the most appropriate time.

Can my child bring electronics/toys to school?

We highly discourage any electronics (iPads, game boys, iPods) or toys being brought to school. Any items brought to school must remain in their backpacks while on school grounds.

The school will not be held responsible for lost items.

Any electronics used inappropriately will be confiscated and will be released to a parent/guardian only.

What if my child needs to bring a cell phone?

Similar to electronics, cell phones must be turned off and left in backpacks while at school.

Walkie-talkies are used on the playground for office communication.

Cell phones used inappropriately will be confiscated and released to parent/guardian only.

Some teachers may collect phones at the beginning of each day and return at dismissal.

What happens to lost & found items?

All lost items found are placed in the Lost and Found area located right passed the school reception.

Students need to check for items they may have lost. Marking your child's clothing or belongings with his/her name is recommended.

Items that are not claimed will be donated to charity or recycled several times throughout the year.