Exploration is the beginning of education! The study of instrumental music opens to an adventure of wonder, knowledge, appreciation and discovery!

Grades 5 to 8
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Students can use their school email address to setup their free account. Reduced tuition during remote learning $5 per month added to your FACTS account. This week, feel free to introduce yourself on flipgrid. Students check back on a weekly for pre-recorded topics, tips, etc.


5th Grade & New Band Members
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Middle School Band (grades 6-8)
Private Lessons are also available via Zoom. Email Miss McKamey

In-Person Band

Beginning and intermediate/advanced band is offered on a regular weekly basis during the school day. Kennedy Catholic High School provides the instruction under faculty member, Frances McKamey. O.L.G. School Band (gr. 6-8) meets on Monday and Friday. The fifth grade Beginning Band has classes on Wednesday and Friday.

The students learn the basics of music, develop the skills to play a traditional band instrument, as well as experience the pride felt in belonging to a school performance group. Music is a great channel to enhance a child’s self-esteem!

Since 1984, hundreds of students have actively taken part in this program! The highlight of the academic year is the annual Band Festival. All the band members of the nine schools join forces with the Kennedy Band for a fun-filled evening of music at the high school in May. The Honor Band and a summer band camp are also additional opportunities for our young musicians! Eighth grade graduates entering Kennedy Catholic High School will find a smooth transition into the award winning high school band!


  1. No previous experience is needed. Grades 5-8th.
  2. Tuition is $200 ($20.00 per month for 10 mos), paid to your elementary school.

Payments are from Sept. – May.

  1. A rental program by one of our local music dealers supplies the instruments at reasonable prices. The required method book and music stand may also be purchased at the upcoming rental meeting. Although most of our band parents choose to rent the instruments, many have family owned instruments to use. Details regarding the rental meeting and a price sheet will be handed out at the band assembly.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Miss McKamey @206-246-0500 ext. 370.

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