Exploration is the beginning of education! The study of instrumental music opens to an adventure of wonder, knowledge, appreciation and discovery!

For students, extracurricular electives are probably one of the most exciting endeavors they can try at school.  Out of all the many choices, the benefits of being in the school band go way beyond just picking up an instrument. In fact, playing music has been scientifically proven to aid mental health and overall well being. At OLG, we encourage self-expression in all our activities and music provides an avenue for students to get in touch with their emotions. Playing music can let them express themselves in a way that just listening to music doesn’t allow.

Through our partnership with Kennedy Catholic High School, since 1984, hundreds of students have actively taken part in the Band program. Music is exacting. It’s no wonder that kids who play music tend to do better in math and science, as there is little room for error in playing a piece of music correctly. Playing in a school band takes this challenge and increases it exponentially once students are in “performance mode”. In addition, the hours a child spends practicing alone build a lot of strengths, including self-discipline, but the time spent among other children working together towards producing beautiful sound creates very strong connections with peers and also creates a blueprint for connecting with others in other areas of life. For introverted students, the school band is a great way for them to step out of their comfort zone and connect with peers who have similar interests. Success in society later in life will depend on the students’ ability to become more confident in their social skills and form connections with others.

Participating in a band program also helps cognitive development, as whenever you’re playing a song, you need to be able to track time, read notes, process key changes, and ensure you’re on pitch. All of these are cognitive skills that are exercised every time students step into rehearsal, and if continued through adult life, it can also aid adult brains to remain plastic and open to change.


The highlight of the academic year is the annual Band Festival. All the band members of the eight participating schools join forces with the Kennedy Band for a fun-filled evening of music in May. The Honor Band and a Summer Band Camp are also additional opportunities for our young musicians. In addition, eighth grade graduates who may decide to join Kennedy Catholic High School will find a smooth transition into the award winning high school band.

We invite you to learn more about our Band Program  HERE.