Principal for a Day

While “Principal for a Day” might be seen simply as a fun activity for kids in school, at OLG we see it as a real opportunity to motivate young students to reach new heights and even inspire them to explore future career paths in education. School is all about the children who attend and events such as Principal for a Day make us remember what it is all about.

Every year, one OLG student is given the opportunity to be “Principal for a Day” and spend an entire day shadowing our School Principal and learning what it takes to run a regular school day. Our Principal for a Day greets students upon arrival, visits classrooms, talks on the phone, visits the in Teachers’ Lounge, sits in on meetings, assists with carpool pick up at the end of the school day and so much more.

For us, the Principal for a Day activity is closely aligned with our school’s focus on leadership, as it is a real opportunity to promote leadership in our students, no matter their age. In fact, one of the most memorable aspects is being able to see our future leaders in action and how excited all other students are to meet and interact with their “Principal for a Day”.

Our 2023 Principal for a Day