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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the wonderful world of first grade! I’ve highlighted some basic classroom information below that addresses FAQs. For exiting classroom and learning updates be sure to check out the “Learning Is Fun!” and ““Learning in Action!” pages.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me right away.

Thank you!

Rita Gazewood


I can be reached at my email rgazewood@guadalupe-school.org or at 206-935-0651 ext# 105. If calling during school hours please dial extension #101 and leave a message at the front desk. Once the school day begins I am often unable to check messages until the end of the day as I am usually with the children.

Another great conduit for communication is the Take-Home folder. Your child brings this home daily and returns it to school every morning. This is used to send home corrected work, homework packets, and notes from me. Any notes for me can be sent this way as well.


A homework packet will be sent home at the first day of every week (usually Monday) and is due the last day of the same week (usually Friday.) Homework at this age requires parental support. The packet should be signed by the parent before it is returned. Look for notices and reminders, as I will often post them with the homework packet.

Additionally a monthly calendar will be sent home with extra credit homework ideas for students who are highly motivated. This calendar is also our sharing calendar. Each day has a child’s name listed on it. The student for that particular day will lead calendar and bring in one item from home to share (show) to her/his classmates. They will “share” 3-5 facts about the item using complete sentences. *Look for  calendar coming home monthly.

Look for the “Book-It” reading incentive program which runs October-March.

Classroom Management:

We use a 1-2-3 system that has immediate and follow-up rewards and consequences. There are concrete reminders and redirectors inherent in this system. Students record their progress daily and report it to parents through the Tail-Waggin’ Good Behavior chart at the end of each week.  Please remember that these charts need to be signed and returned the following week.

Snack and Lunch:

Students have snack time everyday following morning recess. Please send in a healthy snack and lunch for your child each day. Milk can be ordered for the year through the front office. Look for forms coming home.

Physical Education Attire:

We will have P.E. on Wednesday and Friday. On these days be sure your child is wearing athletic shoes.

Birthday Celebrations:

We do celebrate birthdays in class. Students are welcome to bring a treat to share on their birthdays (small individual ones.) We will eat the treat at snack time (10:15 a.m.) Children whose birthdays fall outside the school year are encouraged to choose another day to celebrate (usually a ½  birthday.)