Veterans Day Assembly

One of our Service Stewardship Projects, led by our Fourth Grade students, involves working with the US Department of Veterans Affairs and various related groups to support our veterans and active servicemen. Our fourth graders make treats for troops, participate in the Department of Washington Youth Essay contest, visit the VA Hospital, organize cardboard arcade games  to raise funds to help homeless veterans, and hold an annual Veterans Day Assembly.

The event includes readings, special guests, music and more. Guest speakers read powerful messages or our fourth grade students read essays on a Veterans Day theme. Occasionally one of our teachers or older students gives a brief history of one of America’s many wars. All classes attend the assembly, as well as some school families and veterans from our community. Our OLG choir or members of the School Band may also perform. It is a very moving and memorable event where our proud veterans attending would often weep at the sound of their beloved songs being played by America’s young people. A truly meaningful and special celebration for our OLG students.