Class Format

At OLG, we believe that an effective physical education program should include engaging lessons and sufficient time for instruction. It should teach students about fitness and wellness topics, such as personal health, wellbeing, and movement competence. Lessons are engaging so that students understand the material. By participating in a variety of activities and games, students can find their interests and expand their knowledge of fitness and wellness.

Our class format also offers students adequate, consistent amounts of time to learn and apply fitness concepts and include fitness testing regularly to track progress and improvement.

Our P.E. classes throughout the year are a balance of the following:

  • Cooperative games with the entire class, groups or partners
  • Modified sport games that emphasize team work, effort and fun
  • Basic sport skills through non-traditional means
  • Cardiovascular activities and games
  • Strength and flexibility for major muscle groups
  • Fitness testing
  • Rhythmic movements with equipment, bodies and music
  • Games or activities that are just fun and enjoyable

Remember…Keep moving and have FUN!