High School Information

Important Dates for the HS Application Process

The information below is subject to change.

All Seattle Area Catholic Schools will come do presentations at OLG prior to Thanksgiving. Shadow Days are still encouraged for all students considering Catholic HS. 

Catholic High School Admissions

  • Fall: Open House and Regional Information Nights Different for each HS. Visit each high school’s website for details. Generally open houses are late October/November. Most also have online virtual open houses as well.
  • HS OVERVIEW: Dates can be seen here: HS Admissions Calendar Grid 2021
  • Mid November to mid January: Entrance exams (registration typically due three weeks prior to exam)
    • See more information regarding all dates on each high school’s website.
  • Tuesday, November 30th – Page 1 from both 2021-2022 Teacher Evaluation (page 1 only), and 2021-22 School Report/Transcript Request (page 1)  due signed and filled out, to Ms. Hobbs. (The rest we do digitally and do not need the printed paper copies)
    • NOTE: The pages are identical outside of the heading on the pages. I must have both. 
    • They can be filled out and handed in hard copy, or scanned, clearly and legibly and I will print them.
  • December 31st – Tuition Assistance Application Due to most High Schools SEE HS for details (O’Dea/ Forest Ridge/ Eastside due 1/6).
  • January 6, 2021 – Application Deadline
  • February 18 – Acceptance notifications are postmarked.
  • March 3rd – Registration fee due (Forest Ridge 3/4/21)

Check here for an overview on the HS dates: https://www.seattlecatholichighschools.com/

Seattle Lutheran High School

  • Open house for prospective students TBD.
    • More information can be found on their website, here.

Raisbeck Aviation High School (Highline Public Schools)

  • If Aviation is of interest to you, their application deadline is January 22nd. See more information here on their website. 

Seattle Public Schools

  • February to March – Typically their open enrollment period
  • More information and dates can be found at the Seattle Public Schools Enrollment Website.

Timeline: What to Think About And When

September-December (the discernment months)

Visit schools, websites, open houses, schedule shadow visits if necessary, collect applications, begin filling them out.

October- November

Schedule entrance exams through the high school (Catholic/private schools only).


Recommendation requests must be in to Ms. Hobbs and other teachers no later than Monday, November 30th.


Catholic high school applications due (January 6. 2021).


Open enrollment for Seattle Public Schools begins. Catholic High School acceptances sent out. Enrollment and Registration for Catholic HS due 3/3/22 for most.



Attending Open Houses

If you’re not quite sure what school’s for you, it may be worthwhile to attend an Open House.

Attending In- Person Shadow Days

When schools allow for in person visits, you are also encouraged to schedule a day when your child can visit the high school and shadow a current student. This helps your eighth grader get an everyday perspective on student life at that school. Please inform all your child’s teachers of the date of the visit at least a week in advance.

If you choose to schedule this visit, it is an excused absence, however, unlike sick days, students are still expected to complete homework for the day they return. Please contact a classmate or refer to Ms. Hobbs’ Homework Board for homework assignments. It’s a good idea to bring home all school materials the day before a visit, that way you won’t have to stop by the school after your visit to pick up books or notebooks.

Admissions Contacts for Area High Schools

  • Aviation: Therese Tipton (Principal), therese.tipton@highlineschools.org or Trish McGuire  (Office Manager) Trish.McGuire@highlineschools.org
  • Bishop Blanchet: Michael Pierce, 206-527-7741, mpierce@bishopblanchet.org
  • Chief Sealth: Office of the Registrar: Lisa Bartel, 206-252-8562,llbartel@seattleschools.org
  • Eastside Catholic: James Ward, 425-295-3017, jward@eastsidecatholic.org
  • Forest Ridge: Tara Waller, 425-641-0700, twaller@forestridge.org
  • Holy Names: Eileen Denby, 206-720-7805, admissions@holynames-sea.org
  • Kennedy Catholic: Wendy Byrd, 206-241-3857, byrdw@kennedyhs.org
  • O’Dea: Kristian Patterson, 206-622-1308, kpatterson@odea.org
  • Seattle Lutheran: Rachel Bigliardi, 206-937-7722, rbigliardi@seattlelutheran.org
  • Seattle Prep: Ann Alokolaro, 206-577-2146, aalokolaro@seaprep.org
  • West Seattle: Tara Vanselow, 206-252-8814, thvanselow@seattleschools.org