Seventh Grade Religion

Description: Seventh graders at OLG will partake in a three-part, yearlong religion faith and outreach experience through the Missionary Discipleship Institute (MDI) in collaboration with Maryknoll Society and the Archdiocese of Seattle. “(MDI) provides a framework for students to encounter the lives of their neighbors on the margins and gain awareness of injustices that they face; reflect on how the Church is responding in love and the disturbance this creates in our own sense of discipleship’ and discern, develop, and execute a missionary service response.”

MDI aligns with Archdiocesan religion standards and helps students to understand their faith through immersive, interactive and personal experiences, in addition to the 7th grade class service project, Angeline’s.

The 7th Grade Religion curriculum will address the following essential questions:

  1. Who is my neighbor? (Encounter)
  2. Who is showing love to my neighbor? (Disturbance)
  3. How am I called to love my neighbor? (Response)

Students are called to live their faith. As missionary disciples, 7th graders focus on the margins of society, just as Jesus did during his life. Through study, engagement, research and service, students become well acquainted and knowledgeable missionary disciples in the following areas:

Gender Equality, Care for Creation, Immigration and the Movement of Peoples, Education, Economic Justice and Poverty

Students will also actively and continuously analyze where they are on their faith journey as service learners, missionary disciples and followers of Christ. In addition, they also spend time exploring where church leaders, current missionaries and members of their community are on this journey as well. Using the rubric below, students, families and teachers alike can evaluate how their own personal mission aligns with God’s mission.

Texts and Reading Materials:

  • Catholic Church and Francis, P. (2013) The Joy of the Gospel
  • Catholic Church and John, P. (1991),
  • The mission of Christ the redeemer
  • Venture Magazine (weekly Gospel readings)- digital material.
  • The Catholic Youth Study Bible 4th Edition (St. Mary’s Press)
    • Want your own copy? You can purchase one here.

Encounter: Immersion experience working with local Catholic organization to experience life on the margins, in addition to class service project. Angeline’s, the 7th grade service project, is also a part of the encounter.

Methods: Discussions, independent research, collaboration, small group discussions, simulation and immersion, presentations, multimedia presentations, research, direct instruction, hands-on activities, Liturgy planning, service project- Angeline’s.

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